Salted caviar and Bac Thao caviar are hot dishes recently, today Bach Hoa Xanh will guide to make this super tough dish in just 15 minutes.

The combination of salted eggs, northern herbs and fish cakes seems to have nothing to do with each other but creates an extremely delicious and attractive dish, even the most fastidious diners have to admire the dish. eat this. This dish is also very easy to make and does not take much time, even the bearders can still do it. Now let’s go to the kitchen.

See details on how to make salted caviar and northern Thao eggs in the clip here.


  • 6 salted egg yolks, 4 northern herbs.
  • 300g raw ham
  • 400g sliced ​​calamari (can be replaced with mackerel or basa basa as you like)
  • 100g minced pork
  • Green onions, 2 purple onions
  • Seasoning: oyster sauce, seasoning, pepper
  • 1 pack of fried dough

How to make salted egg fish cake and North Thao eggs

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

How to make salted egg fish cake and North Thao eggs

The salted egg is broken into a bowl and then the yolk is removed, and the egg is just peeled. Salted eggs and northern herbs can be given more, depending on preference.

The scallions are finely chopped and the red onions are finely chopped.

Step 2: Make fish paste filling

How to make salted egg fish cake and North Thao eggs

Mix all ingredients including: fish cake, raw pork shank, minced meat, green onion, red onion and season with 1.5 tbsp seasoning, 2 tbsp pepper and 1.5 tbsp oyster sauce.

Use oyster sauce to create a very characteristic sweet, salty and salty taste, without using sugar.

Then mix well by hand until all the ingredients are combined until the dough is not chewy.

Step 3: Roll fish ball

How to make salted egg fish cake and North Thao eggs

First, put a little cooking oil in your hand, rub it evenly so that it won’t stick to your hands when the ball is crushed, scoop out a spoonful of spring rolls into your hand, then flatten it and put 1 salted egg yolk in it, then grab it and roll it on your hand. to make your fish ball rounder and more beautiful. Continue doing the same with the remaining eggs.

How to make salted egg fish cake and North Thao eggs

Next, pour the deep-fried batter into the bowl and then roll the finished balls in the flour, then cover the fish balls evenly. Following this recipe doesn’t require rolling over eggs or mixing flour with water, making sure just rolling through a thin layer of dough is enough.

Step 4: Fry fish cakes

How to make salted egg fish cake and North Thao eggs

Put the pan on the stove and add cooking oil, this dish must be deep-fried, then the fish will be cooked evenly, when the oil is boiling, put the rolls in, because it’s deep-fried, so you don’t have to stir too much. Just fry until each side is golden, then flip to the other side.

When the fish balls turn golden brown, take them out and put them on absorbent paper to absorb the excess oil. Continue frying until all the fish balls are left.

Finished product

How to make salted egg fish cake and North Thao eggs

So the salted egg fish cake and Bac Thao eggs are finished, the fish cake has a golden crust that looks very nice, bit into a piece and you can feel the toughness covered with a little crispy fried dough, the flavor It is very tasty and fragrant with scallions, purple onions and a little spicy pepper, followed by a layer of fatty and salty salted eggs, and the layer of northern Thao eggs has a very characteristic chewy and fatty aroma. . Dip a little chili sauce and serve with pickles and cucumbers.

It only takes about 15 minutes with extremely simple ingredients to complete this delicious dish. Let’s go to the kitchen to make it right away to treat the whole family on the weekend.

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