If you want to eat shrimp paste cake but are afraid to pack it, please see the following article immediately. GREEN SHOP will show you how to make lazy-style shrimp and pork crumb cake very quickly.

15 minutes
25 minutes
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2 people

Filter cake is a favorite dish of many people. However, the way to make traditional filter cake is very complicated and time consuming. Then let Bach Khoa GREEN show you how to make a very simple way to make lazy shrimp paste without wrapping leaves!

firstIngredients for making shrimp paste cake with meat

Ingredients for making shrimp paste cake with meatIngredients for making shrimp paste cake with meat

Good tip:
Choose good pork: Choose pork belly with just enough lean and fat, fresh pink meat, no smell, strange color.
Choose delicious shrimp: Choose fresh, fresh shrimp, shrimp are clear, hard, no strange smell.

2How to make shrimp paste cake with meat

Step 1 Stir fried shrimp with meat

Bacon washed, cut into small pieces. Shrimp washed, peeled and just on the back. You put the pan on the top, add the cooking oil, Add minced purple onion and saute. When the purple onion is fragrant, you Add shrimp and bacon one at a time and stir-fry to hunt again. Season the shrimp with seasoning, sugar, monosodium glutamate, fish sauce according to taste. Stir-fry until the shrimp and meat are cooked evenly and the spices are absorbed, then turn off the heat.

Stir fried shrimp with meatStir fried shrimp with meat

Step 2 Make the cake dough

Please enter 100g tapioca starch, chopped scallions and a small cup of water In a pan, stir until the powder is completely dissolved. Next, you for the sautéed shrimp into the flour, put the pan of dough on the stove and cook over medium heat. Just cook you Stir well until the dough is cooked and there are no lumps Please!

Make the cake doughMake the cake dough

Step 3 Finished product

Until the dough is thick and transparent Your dish is done. If you want a thicker cake, you can leave it on the stove for a little longer. Finally, put the cake on a plate and enjoy!

  Finished product Finished product


Lazy style shrimp paste cake with meat This has a taste similar to the traditional filter cake. Tough dough, rich shrimp meat, eat very well. You can dip the cake with chili garlic sauce is also very delicious.

Lazy style shrimp paste cake with meatLazy style shrimp paste cake with meat

Watch the clip Tik Tok how to make lazy-style shrimp paste cake!

So, Bach Khoa XANH has just shown you how to make lazy-style shrimp paste cake. Save the recipe for when you crave this dish! Good luck!

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