When watching Korean movies, seeing people slurping to eat hot and smoky Tokbokki while eating and breathing in the cold weather is really true, isn’t it? Now, not only in movies, we can make it at home with this Tokbokki recipe.

How to make Korean standard Tokbokki rice cake

10 minutes
15 minutes
Intended for
3-4 people

Tokbokki or Tteokbokki is a traditional rice cake from the land of kimchi. As the name suggests, they will be made with rice flour combined with a few other traditional spices and molded into long bars, then chopped or sliced ​​thin. These pretty little cakes are a street food that receives a lot of love.

Did you know, Tokbokki originated from royalty and is ranked in the 5 hottest dishes in Korean cuisine. There have been many recipes created from this cake, but we never get bored even though we have tried several dozen different rice cakes. Perhaps that’s why they have a strange attraction not only to Korean people but also to conquer diners from all over the world.

first Ingredients for making Korean standard Tokbokki rice cakes

Ingredients for making Korean standard Tokbokki rice cakesIngredients for making Korean standard Tokbokki rice cakes

2 How to make Tokbokki rice cake

Step 1: Process materials

  Process materials Process materials

Firstly, Soak Tokbokki in water for about 10 minutes. The fish cake is cut into bite-sized pieces.

Step 2: Make sauce

How to make Korean standard Tokbokki rice cake

Mix the prepared ingredients: chili sauce, sugar, paprika, soy sauce and corn syrup in a small bowl.

Step 3: Cooking Tokbokki

How to make Korean standard Tokbokki rice cake

Put the pot on the stove, cook 1 liter of water with anchovies, dried shrimp, seaweed for about 30 minutes, then turn off and filter the water. Then, add the sauce and cook until the mixture boils, then drop the rice cakes in, then continue to cook until boiling.

Finally, add fish cakes, baro onions and cook until boiling again, add boiled eggs and you’re done.

Step 4 Finished product

How to make Korean standard Tokbokki rice cake

Tokbokki dish with sweet broth embraces the beautiful, smooth and soft fibers of the cake, then mixes with spicy chili, a little chewy fish cake and a little fat from the egg.

3 Enjoy

Enjoy Tokbokki at its best with 1 squeeze of instant noodles, cheese slices or sausages for extra appeal. Besides, you can customize more ingredients that you like. Tokbokki is suitable for eating on cold rainy days.

Enjoy Tokbokki Enjoy Tokbokki

The hot cup of Tokbokki has a beautiful red-brown color, sometimes making us feel “spicy” even just looking at it. Enjoying this dish on rainy days or cold days is nothing better, you will not be able to forget this simple but bold Korean culture dish.