Pizza zucchini cheese is greasy but still ensures nutrition, good for the whole family’s health. Join phunudaily in the kitchen to make this delicious dish!

10 minutes
10 minutes
Intended for
1 – 2 people

Cheese zucchini pizza is greasy, delicious to eat, but catchy, not bored. If you are looking for a pizza with healthy, healthy ingredients, check it out!

firstIngredients for cheese zucchini pizza

Good tip: To choose delicious zucchini, you should choose the ones with a straight shape, firm grip, not soft and green outside. Besides, you should also choose the fruits of moderate size, not bruised or black on the body.

2How to make cheese zucchini pizza

Step 1 Process materials

Buy zucchini, wash and dry Cut into thin slices about 1mm. Then take 7-10 pieces of squash bring finely cut.

Process materialsProcess materials

Onion Buy it, wash it and cut it into small pieces. Enokitake washed, cut finely. Buy bell peppers, wash, cut into dices. Sausage cut into pomegranates.

Step 2 Fried eggs

Crack 3 eggs into a bowl, place about 1/4 teaspoon salt then use a whisk to beat the eggs. Put the pan on the stove, about 1/2 tbsp cooking oil Bring to a boil and then add 1/2 number of zucchinii in then cook with low heat.

Fried eggsFried eggs

Next you give 1/2 egg portion Once the eggs have been beaten into the pan, they should be coated so that the eggs are evenly spread in the pan. When the underside of the egg is cooked, flip it over and fry the other side. When both sides are cooked evenly, place the eggs on a plate.

Step 3 Cook cheese zucchini pizza

You continue to heat the pan on the stove, put a little oil and zucchini in the pan. Then you Add eggs, spread evenly and add cheese, bell peppers, onion, chopped zucchini, sausage and mushrooms. onto the surface.

Cook cheese zucchini pizzaCook cheese zucchini pizza

Then you put the fried egg and zucchini on the surface and then cover the lid and cook again 5 minutes at low fire is complete.

Step 4 Finished product

Finished productFinished product

The outer layer of eggs is salty, slightly fatty characteristic of eggs, zucchini is crispy and sweet. Inside the kernel there is pFatty cheese, bell peppers with mushrooms and naturally sweet onionsblended with the rich taste of sausage is extremely mouth-watering and delicious.



You can eat zucchini cheese pizza This is with chili sauce and ketchup to make the dish more flavorful. If you are craving pizza but still want to eat healthy foods, this is the suggestion for you.

Above is phunudaily’s share on how to make greasy cheese zucchini pizza, the whole family loves it. Thank you for watching and wish you a pleasant culinary experience.

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