Gluhwein, or Hot Wine, is a traditional winter drink in German and Austrian Christmas markets. Let’s see how to make this dish in the article below.

Hot wine is made with red wine mixed with some other ingredients such as cinnamon, cloves and oranges and then heated. If you come to Germany in time for Christmas in crowded markets and streets, eating pieces of apple pie or grape cake while drinking hot Gluhwein will help keep your body warm but also give you a good feeling. unforgettable feeling.

This wine has a lot of ways to make, it seems that every family will have a different way of making and ingredients. Today, Bach Hoa Xanh will also guide you to make this drink to treat your family for Christmas this year with a very simple recipe and guaranteed to be extremely delicious and easy to drink.

Watch the clip on how to make Gluhwein wine in more detail here.


To make a pitcher of hot wine for 5-6 people we need:

How to make Gluhwein hot wine to enjoy with family at Christmas


First, you give 100ml water and 50g sugar Cook in a saucepan until the sugar is completely melted. Always take note keep the fire to medium low, do not boil too much will lose the flavor. Then you add 1 cinnamon stick.

How to make Gluhwein hot wine to enjoy with family at Christmas

Then you give 1 cinnamon stick in, squeeze again 1/2 yellow orange enter. After squeezing, you put a small handful of cloves inside middle of oranges Then use your fingers to press the cloves down and then put them in the pot. This will help those who Clove seeds don’t fall out in the potAfter a while, it will be easier for you to scoop out the wine.

How to make Gluhwein hot wine to enjoy with family at Christmas

The last step, you give 750ml red wine into the pot. Traditionally, people use red wine because of its beautiful color, suitable for that festive season. You guys wait for When the wine is slightly warm, you can turn off the stove and enjoy.

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How to make Gluhwein hot wine to enjoy with family at Christmas

Finished product

Gluhwein is a drink for the whole family. Because when cooking, the wine will partially evaporate, so when you drink it, you will feel the taste of wine fragrant but not too strong, besides, there are very fragrant cinnamon, cloves and oranges. This drink you can Drink hot or cold drink both.

This Christmas season, if you don’t know what drink to make to entertain the whole family, just make this dish, I’m sure everyone will fall in love with it, but don’t drink too much because it’s still a treat. that wine.