In addition to the traditional lemonade, there is another very nutritious and refreshing summer drink that is salted lemon. Let’s learn how to make lemon salt to cool down this hot day.

Don’t think a little salted lemon can’t help. They are also a valuable medicine that folk often pass on to each other treatment of coughs, gastrointestinal diseases, rehydration for the body, weight loss.

In addition, salted lemon water helps to quench thirst, clear heat, especially on hot summer days, drinking a cup of salted lemonade will help you to dispel other attacks and quickly regain lost energy. Let’s learn how to make lemon salt to cool down with Bach Hoa Xanh!

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firstIngredients for making salted lemon

Ingredients for making salted lemonIngredients for making salted lemon

Good tip:

Choose delicious lemons: To make delicious salted lemons, you should choose old lemons, medium-sized fruits, thin ivory-yellow skin, berries will have a lot of juice, still fresh, note that young lemons should not be chosen.
Choose salt: You can use pure, dry, coarse salt.

2How to make delicious salted lemon, not bitter

Step 1 Preliminary processing of lemons

After buying lemon, you wash it thoroughly, if the roll is left over, you should cut it off. Use granulated salt to rub gently on the lemon zest to remove the bitter taste of the lemon, then rinse thoroughly again to drain.

To make the salted lemon delicious and not bitter, you should Choose old lemons, thin skin, lots of water.

Rub the salt until the soup skin turns light greenwhich is a sign that the lemon peel has run out of essential oils

After buying lemons, you wash them thoroughlyAfter buying lemons, you wash them thoroughly

Step 2 Put the lemon in the jar

Put the lemons in a glass jar in turn, so that they are even and full, because after drying in the sun, the lemons will wilt a bit more.

Use approx 2 tablespoons foam salt sprinkled evenly over the lemon. Then close the lid.

Should soak lemons in glass jars instead of plastic jars because it will be more beautiful and safe for health.

Put the lemon in the jarPut the lemon in the jar

Step 3 Lemon drying

You bring the sealed lemon jar out to dry in the sun, so choose a place with good sunshine, and so on Dry for 3 days in a row Please. After 3 days you will see the lemon turns pale yellow.

Lemon dryingLemon drying

Step 4 Pickled lemon salt

Give 1 liter of water + 3 tablespoons of foam salt Bring to a boil until the salt is completely dissolved. Then turn off the stove Let the water cool completely and then pour the water into the lemon jar. Make sure the water is just full of lemons.

Note: Use a piece of hard plastic on the top of the jar and use a bamboo stick to block it hard. The purpose of this is to help fix the lemon in the jar so that the lemon is evenly absorbed.

Pickled lemon saltPickled lemon salt

Step 5 Finished product

Salted lemonSalted lemon

Put your jar of salted lemon in a corner of the kitchen, Store in a cool place and avoid high temperature Please. So on After 30 days, you can bring it out to make drinking water for the whole family to enjoy.


You put salted lemon in a glass, add sugar, filtered water, ice as you like. Stir gently, and you have a delicious beverage.


4Note when making salted lemon

Tips to choose delicious, succulent lemons

You should Use paper lemons, also known as ta lemons, so that when the finished product is finished, the ripe yellow fruits will have a more beautiful color. Delicious lemon characteristic light scent of lemonOn the contrary, if the smell is different, such as black, strong, then maybe the lemon contains chemicals or just sprayed with pesticides, which is not good for health.

Should choose a lemon of moderate size, not too small or too big, heavy in hand, these fruits will contain more water, fresher, better quality. In addition, lemons with smooth, shiny skin that are not rough or lumpy will have a higher amount of vitamins than other fruits.

How to handle white scum

If when making salted lemon appears white scum, this case occurs because the water is not salty enough, the way to handle it is that you will Remove all the white scum, then add salt and continue to dry in the sun. Or you can Rinse the lemon with warm waterthen cook another brine mixture and start the soaking process again.

How to make salted lemonade

Hot salted lemon: Put in a glass 1 teaspoon salted lemon juice, 1 salted lemon mix well with 10g sugar, 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice then puree, then add hot water to the full, stir to dissolve.

Ice salt lemon: You also mix according to the above instructions but only Pour in about 1/2 cup of filtered waterbeat, continue to add ice and enjoy.

See details: Notes when making salted lemon

Salted lemons treat coughs, gastrointestinal diseases, rehydrate the body, lose weight.

5How to preserve salted lemon

Glass jars used to store salted lemons need to be cleaned and rinsed with boiling water to completely remove dirt and bacteria. Then bring the jar to dry or let it dry before adding the lemon and salt water to cool.

Cover and dry in the sun for about 10 days and then store in a cool place. After 1 month, it can be used, you can bring it to drink water.

Note: When taking salted lemon, use a clean spoon.

6Compare the taste of salted lemon and fresh lemon

Compare the taste of salted lemon and fresh lemonCompare the taste of salted lemon and fresh lemon

Soak Salted lemon is an example of lacto-fermentation. Using salted lemon will add a delicious flavor to the dish that other dishes using fresh lemon peel cannot achieve.

Salted lemons are removed from the sour and spicy taste compared to regular fresh lemons. As lemons age, the flavor changes and develops umami, which is one of the five basic tastes, along with bitter, salty, and sour. Sweet and sour salted lemon makes it more delicious and healthy.

7Health benefits of lemon salt

Health benefits of lemon saltHealth benefits of lemon salt

Cure flatulence, indigestion

Using a piece of salted lemon or can be soaked with hot water and then drunk has the effect of reducing bloating, enhancing food metabolism, treating flatulence, indigestion extremely effectively.

Effective in treating colds, coughs, and phlegm

The essential oil in salted lemon peel helps to clear the throat, the salty taste can disinfect and relieve neck itching immediately, so salted lemon is also used to make candy.

At the same time, soaking with hot water or sucking on salted lemon will help dissolve phlegm very effectively.

Helps improve digestive system

As mentioned, salted lemon has a very good effect on the digestive system, so people with chronic intestinal diseases use salted lemon regularly to help improve the intestinal tract, easy to digest.

Helps to quench thirst and cool down

Salted lemon helps to cool down and compensate for minerals very well, especially on hot summer days drinking a glass of salted lemonade will help quench thirst and quickly regain lost energy.

Lose weight, keep fit

Regular exercises and weight loss methods can only support weight loss in certain areas of the body, if combined with warm salt and lemon water, it will help reduce excess fat throughout the body (face, double chin). , abdomen, arms, legs, neck, buttocks…) is very effective.

Thus, with ingenuity, you can prepare a nutritious and safe drink for the whole family. Salted lemon outside sells a lot, but it is not sure that it is safe to process with your own hands. Good luck!

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