Do you want to have a beautiful and vibrant skin? Try drinking pomegranate juice every day!

Pomegranate is a fruit that contains a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C and especially vitamin E, which bring many health benefits. Not only good for health, pomegranate juice also provides and adds many nutrients to nourish and care for your skin more beautiful. It also helps you to significantly improve dark spots, fade, and treat dark spots effectively. So what are you waiting for, let’s see how to make yourself a delicious glass of pomegranate juice!

firstIngredients for Pomegranate Juice

2How to make pomegranate juice

Step 1 Split pomegranate seeds

Pomegranate bought, Wash, cut off the head, then separate the seeds. You can refer to: How to separate pomegranate seeds so that they do not crush.

Step 2 Grind pomegranate seeds

Next, put the peeled pomegranate in the blender with 20ml sugar water, 10ml lemon juice into the machine. Puree. Note that you can add the amount of sugar depending on the taste of each person, so that you can drink the most.

Step 3 Filter through a sieve

You give the built part Filter through a sieve, to remove seeds and residue.

Step 4 Add ice and present

Finally, you give the juice strain out the glass. More ice cubes Add in for extra cooling when enjoying.

3Finished product

With just a few simple steps, you have a cup right away Pomegranate juice is beautiful, delicious, sour, sweet and sour It’s very mouth-watering that both children and adults love.

Not only delicious, pomegranate juice contains many nutrients, vitamins good for health and pomegranate juice has anti-Covid-19 effect.

Enjoy Pomegranate JuiceEnjoy Pomegranate Juice

Note when drinking pomegranate juice

Although pomegranate juice is very good, easy to drink, it also helps to beautify and brighten the skin, but because it contains medium sugar content. Therefore, women with diabetes need to be careful when using it.

More if you If you have low blood pressure, limit your pomegranate juice.

While helping to beautify the skin and improve health, pomegranate juice is a juice that everyone should add daily. What are you waiting for, go to the kitchen and try to make yourself a delicious, cool juice right away.