Still the basic ingredients are eggs and milk, but you can make your flan more delicious and beautiful thanks to coconut and pandan leaves, this unique dessert is a coconut flan, let’s see the recipe. wake up below!

Coconut flan cake is a perfect combination of eggs, sugar, milk and pandan jelly, making the taste of coconut flan cake become delicious, fragrant and a little fatty. Not only attracting people to enjoy by the taste, but the color of this cake is also very attractive. Let’s make a coconut flan for dessert this weekend! Surely your whole family will love this attractive coconut flan cake.

20 minutes
40 minutes
Intended for
4 persons


2How to make coconut flan

Step 1 Coconut Peeling

Wrap the coconut in a plastic bag and Put the coconut in the refrigerator for about 12 hours then use a hammer to knock the sides and then separate or you can heat the shell to harden it is easy to separate, next cut a hole in the top of the head to take out the coconut water (for this dish to be delicious, you should choose the Siamese coconuts are not too old, the copra is not too hard).

Coconut PeelingCoconut Peeling

Step 2 Grind and filter pandan leaves

Pineapple leaves After buying, you guys wash then cut it into small pieces and put it in the blender and puree. Strain the blended portion through a sieve.

 Grind and filter pandan leaves Grind and filter pandan leaves

Step 3 Make pineapple jelly

Put pineapple juice Bring to a boil, add 100g sugar and 10g jelly powder In a bowl, mix well, when the water boils, add. stir well let the powder dissolve. Until it has dissolved and boiled then Pour into molds to coolwhen the jelly is frozen, then diced.

Make pineapple jellyMake pineapple jelly

Step 4 Make egg mixture

Cup 4 whole eggs and the remaining 3 fruits use a sieve to filter out more 3 yolks put in bowl, put in turn 70g sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla Add in and stir until the mixture is dissolved. Next for 150ml fresh milk cream and 400ml fresh milk in and stir well.

 Make egg mixture Make egg mixture

Step 5 Bake coconut flan

Strain the mixture through a sieve until smooth then for the part pomegranate jelly into the mixture, then Pour the mixture into the Siamese coconut mold prepared in step 1 (don’t overfill the cake to expand).

Next, place the coconut mold on a baking tray lined with a towel to fix the coconut and pour hot water into the mold, next Place in the oven and bake for about 40-50 minutes.

Or put in the coconut flan water proofingIf possible, you can put pandan leaves in steaming water to make it fragrant, steam for about 90 minutes, then the cake is cooked. When the cake is cooked, let it cool for 1-2 hours and then cut it to enjoy.

Bake coconut flanBake coconut flan

3Finished product

Coconut flanCoconut flan

In addition to coconut flan, coconut jelly is also a cool dish that is suitable for summer days that you can make to treat your family.

So with just the simple steps above, we have a beautiful coconut flan to enjoy. Just like how to make coconut flan on you will easily make a batch of soft, delicious coconut flan and an ideal dessert for you and your family. Wishing you a successful and delicious implementation!

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