Fried shrimp powder is a delicious dish suitable for entertaining the whole family but the way to make is extremely simple. Read through this article to know how to make delicious crispy fried shrimp for a long time.

15 minutes
15 minutes
Intended for
3-4 people

The fried shrimp dish has a golden, crispy outer shell combined with naturally sweet and chewy shrimp meat to make the dish extremely delicious. Add a little spicy chili sauce, surely the whole family will compliment it. If you are still wondering what delicious shrimp to make, let’s make this extremely simple dish, it only takes 20 minutes and you’re done. Let’s get started now!

first Ingredients for fried shrimp powder

Good tip: To choose good shrimp, you should choose to buy live shrimp, the shell and body are still hard, the body color is transparent, the legs are still attached to the shrimp body.

Ingredients for fried shrimp powderIngredients for fried shrimp powder

2 How to make fried shrimp powder

Step 1 Shrimp processing

After buying shrimp, you wash the shrimp with salt water to remove the fishy smell and help the shrimp have a delicious crunch. Then, you peel the shrimp, remove the back and cut small lines on the shrimp legs. Then use your hands to gently squeeze the shrimp body to break the tendons

You can leave the tail of the shrimp to make it look better. Marinate 300 grams of shrimp with 1 teaspoon of seasoning, 1/2 teaspoon of MSG to make the shrimp more flavorful and crunchy.

  Shrimp processing Shrimp processing

Step 2 Mix the flour

You put it in a bowl 200g tempura powder, 1 beaten egg, 100ml cold soda water, then stir well, but do not stir, but let the dough remain light.

Mix the flourMix the flour

Step 3 Shrimp fried

Heat a pan with enough oil to deep fry the shrimp. You roll each shrimp into the dry flour to evenly coat with a moderate layer of flour, then dip it in the flour mixture that was mixed earlier.

You put each shrimp in turn to fry until the shrimp are golden, then take them out, you do it in turn until all are gone.

Good tip: When frying, you Sprinkle the shrimp mixture so that it sticks to the shrimpthis helps shrimp become more crispy and beautiful.

  Shrimp fried Shrimp fried

Step 4 Finished product

With just a simple way, you have completed the fried shrimp dish. The dish looks so attractive that everyone wants to try it right away. What are you waiting for without going to the kitchen to show off your talents for the whole family!

Finished productFinished product


Arrange shrimp on a plate with soy sauce, so you can enjoy this delicious dish. This dish is more delicious when eaten hot, and can be served with lettuce or tomatoes.


Hopefully, through the above sharing of Bach Hoa XANH, you already know how to make crispy fried shrimp to treat the whole family. I wish you success in making this dish. Don’t forget to follow Bach Khoa GREEN to update more useful information!