For a long time, tangerine has been a familiar fruit for everyone. But have you ever used a drink from this fruit? If not, please refer to how to make tangerine juice below and enjoy right away.

Like oranges, tangerines are a food rich in vitamins and minerals, very good for health. This is the perfect source of vitamin C for the body. Besides, they not only help prevent cardiovascular diseases, prevent headaches, help strengthen bones but also protect skin, healthy hair, and support natural weight loss. In particular, the ability to strengthen the immune system, increase effective resistance. What are you waiting for, do not do it right away.


How to make tangerine juice

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

Process materialsProcess materials

First, the tangerines are washed, then cut in half. Remember to split the citrus to make it easier to squeeze the juice.

Step 2: Squeeze the tangerine

We squeeze each half of the fruit in turn. If you have an orange juicer at home, you can use it.

Step 3: Remove the foam

How to make tangerine juice

After squeezing, use a spoon to remove the scum containing essential oils from the tangerine peel because they will make the water a bit bitter. You can add sugar if it feels sour.

Finished product

How to make tangerine juice

Glass of tangerine juice with attractive colors, cool taste mixed with sourness mixed with a little sweetness is very easy to drink. All have created a “great product” for hot and humid days. If you like it cold, you can add ice if you want.

Hopefully with the way to make tangerine juice above will give you a wonderful drink. Enjoy a glass every day to increase the body’s resistance, prevent the invasion of bacteria and viruses that cause disease.

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