The delicious flavor of flan will be even more perfect when combined with the sweet and fatty taste of condensed milk and cheese. So do you know how to make cheese flan with condensed milk without pitting when steaming? Take a look at the article below!

Flan has always been one of the favorite cakes of many people. Because this cake not only has a delicious taste but also contains many nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Therefore, flan from a snack or dessert has become the choice of many families to make snacks for young children.


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How to make cheese flan with condensed milk

Step 1: Soften the cheese and add condensed milk

Put the pot of water on the stove, Put the prepared cheese in a lightly spread porcelain bowl, place the bowl in the pot to steam the water and spread often to help the cheese soften faster. When When cheese is completely smooth, add 200g of condensed milk cheese bowl, stir the mixture, Stir while steaming until the cheese has melted, then turn off the heat.

Soften the cheese and add condensed milk

Step 2: Separate the eggs into a bowl

Separate 4 whole eggs into a bowl and The remaining fruit uses a sieve to filter out 1 more yolk put in bowl, gently stir Mix the whites and yolks.

Step 3: Mix well

Put the cheese prepared in step 1 into the egg bowlgive 0.5 liters of fresh milk, filter the mixture through a sieve, for a Add some rum to the mixture and stir gently (Note to gently stir with your hand and stir in one direction to avoid foaming, which will help prevent the cake from falling apart).

Step 4: Make caramel

Put the pot on the stove, Put a little water in the pot and 150gr road (note, do not stir, just shake the pot gently so that the sugar dissolves) wait until If the sugar turns to the color of cockroach wings, turn off the stove and add a little water Make the sugar thinner (note when adding water, slowly add it because if you add it at the same time, it can cause burns). After adding water, feel the caramel gradually dilute, then turn off the heat and let it cool down.

Step 5: Put the caramel layer and egg mixture into the mold

When After the caramel has cooled slightly, pour it into the prepared molds one by onecoat evenly to evenly caramelize the surface of the mold, wait for the caramel to cool, then Pour the mixture completed in step 3 in turn into the molds.

Step 6: Steam the cake

Put the steamer on the stove, Put 1 towel in the pot of steaming water It helps to spread the heat evenly because if we don’t watch the fire properly, it will make the water boil so that it’s easy to make the cake pitted, Place the cake in the steamer, cover the lid and steam on low heat for 20 minutes (Note that every 5 minutes we open the lid and proceed to wipe the steam on the lid), the cake is cooked, the surface of the cake is no longer concave when we press it, if it is cooked, turn off the stove.

Finished product

After steaming the cake, let it cool completely and then store it in the refrigerator to make the cake a little firmer. When eating, you pour the cake from the mold onto a plate and then decorate it with a little coffee, shaved ice and fresh cream or fruit to make it eye-catching and you will have a plate of flan with the smell of fresh milk and the aroma of cheese.

Besides the method of making with condensed milk, you can refer to 3 ways to make condensed milk flan, fresh milk, delicious cheese at home from fresh milk or cheese. Good luck with this recipe!

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