Beef steak with green pepper sauce is a dish that is sure to conquer anyone, even the most demanding palates. How to make this dish is extremely simple, read this article to know how to do it right away!

Beef with moderate ripeness still retains its succulent fresh taste. The soft meat fibers combined with the fragrant, greasy green pepper sauce will bring you the most interesting taste experiences. Let’s immediately make this stylish dish to treat everyone.

25 minutes
15 minutes
Intended for
4 persons


2How to make Beef Steak with Green Pepper Sauce

Step 1 Process materials

For beef, you should use American or Australian beef because the meat is softer and tastier. If you can’t choose American or Australian beef, you can Buy regular beef and then pound it until our meat is soft.

Marinate beef with half a teaspoon of salt and 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Friend Remember to turn the beef on both sides regularly so that the beef is evenly absorbed with the spices.

Green pepper you wash and leave the string. Onion, you cut the diced about 1cm.

Step 2 Processing beef

How to make beef steak with green pepper sauce, spicy spicy sauce

Beef After marinating for 10-15 minutes okay then. Heat a pan with 1 teaspoon of olive oil and 1 slice of margarine. When the oil and butter are melted and hot, quickly add the beef.

During the process, you Always use high heat and stir evenly until the beef burns on the side on each side. When the sides of the beef have been charred and charred, remove the beef and set aside.

You can adjust the method to reach your desired ripeness!

Step 3 Make the sauce

How to make beef steak with green pepper sauce, spicy spicy sauce

Keep the beef broth and butter oil in the pan, heat it up again and then add green pepper Stir-fry for 1 minute. Next, add all the onions and stir-fry together.

When the onion is golden, you add half a teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of sugar and a little pepper to enhance the flavor. Then you put fresh milk in the pan, when the milk boils, you continue to add the 2 types of wine and mix well.

The remaining green pepper, you separate the seeds and cook with the sauce pot to increase the flavor. Cook the sauce until it thickens, then turn off the heat.

After turning off the stove, you add all the fresh cream and mix well. So the green pepper sauce part is done! In less than 30 minutes, the delicious dish is done.

3Finished product

Put the beef on a plate, drizzle more green pepper sauce on top and garnish with some pepper sprigs, our dish is ready. Beef steak with green pepper sauce has a delicious taste that blends beef and aromatic sauce with the smell of wine and pepper, mixed with the greasy taste of milk cream. This dish should be served with red wine.

Hope you are succesful.