The pizza from the beautiful Italian land has made many foodies around the world “crazy”. With a unique delicious taste, pizza has more and more variations. Now let’s go to the kitchen to show off our talents with this beef pizza recipe.

 how to make beef pizza

30 minutes
30 minutes
Intended for
3-4 people

You know, nutritionists say that the ingredients that make up a pizza are very beneficial for health. They contain many sources of nutrients from vegetables, tubers, fruits, .. which are essential for human daily activities. So don’t miss the way to make beef pizza at home as delicious as in the shop below!

first Ingredients for beef pizza

Good tip
You can buy Mozzarella cheese and pizza base at bakeries or large supermarkets, or at major retailers like Bach Khoa GREEN.

You should buy a medium-sized pizza base that is about 16inches (40.64cm) which is enough for 2 people to eat.

2 How to make beef pizza

Step 1 Process materials

Process materialsProcess materials

First, poke the base of the cake with a fork, then put it in fry pan without oil for about 3 minutes. Then, take it out and turn it over to apply ketchup evenly.

Step 2 Multiplying


Put the pot on the stove, melt the butter, and at the same time, add the garlic that has just been cooked (do not burn). Then add ground beef Stir-fry about 5 minutes with the amount of ingredients prepared: onion, sweet corn, salt, sugar, pepper and ketchup.

Step 3 Bake


Put the stir-fried beef mixture with pepperoni sausage on the base of the cake, then spread the cheese on top. Afterward, Place the cake in the oven at 200 degrees for about 4 minutes. Finally, take out and sprinkle with spices marinated with fragrant leaves for another 1 minute to complete.

Step 4 Finished product

 Finished product Finished product

Pizza with a golden, crispy crust covered with tomato sauce, inside is a flavorful beef layer, a typical pepperoni layer mixed with chewy fatty melted cheese. All have created a hot, fragrant, delicious cake that stimulates the taste buds and creates a delicious, easy-to-eat feeling for the whole family.


Beef pizza with cheese and different saucesBeef pizza with cheese and different sauces

Beef pizza is very popular with children, so you can make it ready and freeze it, when using it, you can bake it right away for the kids.

Maybe before you thought pizza would be out of reach and too complicated, now try to show off your talent with the above method. Instead of buying from outside, you can now make your own at home for your loved ones. In addition, please refer to the collection of simple ways to make pizza at home to treat your loved ones right away!