Regular avocado smoothie, delicious ecstasy to mention the custard apple smoothie. Let’s see how to make custard butter right here.

As a delicious smoothie that not only helps to cool down but also helps to make your skin more beautiful and smooth, custard apple smoothie is very popular with women. See how to make this smoothie now!

Ingredients for making butter custard smoothie

How to make custard apple smoothie

  • Step 1: Peel the avocado and cut it into small pieces. Custard apple, you peel, cut into small pieces, remove all seeds.

  • Step 2: Put all the butter and custard in a blender, add 2 tablespoons of condensed milk, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 200ml of unsweetened fresh milk and the prepared shaved ice. Blend until smooth.

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  • Step 3: Pour into a glass and enjoy.

With just extremely simple steps, and doesn’t take much time, custard apple smoothie is really an effective cooling smoothie for everyone. What are you waiting for without embarking on making this smoothie. Wished everyone success.