Condensed glasses are always a pain for people who are nearsighted when wearing masks. Refer to the tips in the article below to keep your glasses from fogging up every time you wear a mask!

Recently, before the complicated development of acute respiratory infections caused by Corona virus, people have been recommended to use medical masks to prevent infection.

However, for people who are nearsighted, wearing a mask regularly will make the lenses steam and blurred. This will cause discomfort and difficulty when performing daily tasks. So, refer to the tips below to fix this situation!

firstPull up the mask

This is the simplest way, which is to pull the mask up close to the bridge of the nose, between the space between the frame and the face.

2Fold the hard zinc part of the mask inward

Fold the hard zinc part of the mask inward

When using a mask, you can fold the zinc part inward because when wearing a mask in the traditional way, the frame of the mask will steam and blur the glasses. Plus, this little tip will help you feel more comfortable and pain-free.

3Use paper towels

You can insert a few tissues into the hard zinc part of the mask, this way you should only put a little paper because if you put a lot of it, it will swell, blocking the view.

4Use adhesive tape

How to keep glasses from getting steam when wearing a medical mask?

This is the method recommended by doctors to avoid condensation and blurred vision. Specifically, you Use about 10-15cm of medical tape to stick the top edge of the mask so that it sticks close to the bridge of the nose and above near the eyes. Then, use your hands to tighten the edge of the mask with the adhesive tape to make sure it adheres to the skin of the face. This trick is very effective, making sure the mask can’t fall off and your breath can’t get up to fog the glasses.

However, this method is only effective when you use medical tape because conventional adhesive tapes have poorer adhesion, and it is easy to loosen when you exercise a lot. In particular, even when there is a need to peel off, the medical tape still retains good adhesion. A few more notes to protect your health is that you should keep the adhesive tape dry and clean, not wet or contaminated if you want to use it many times.

5Clean glasses with dishwashing liquid

Clean your glasses with dishwashing liquid

You can also solve the problem of fogging or condensation on the glass by cleaning the glass with dishwashing liquid. Use a clean cloth soaked in dishwashing liquid, wipe the lenses several times and let the lenses dry naturally. The soap will leave a film, helping to reduce the surface tension of the molecules and effectively prevent water from sticking to the lenses. Besides, you also need to choose to buy yourself quality masks such as the optimal antibacterial N95 mask, which is recommended by experts.

Above are some tips that Bach Hoa Xanh has revealed to you, apply immediately so that your glasses won’t be blurred when wearing a mask.