Everyone’s familiar shirt. But do you know how to iron a shirt quickly, flat, beautiful? Immediately refer to the article information below to have experience ironing shirts.

The shirt is a suitable outfit for all ages from students, students to working people. However, it is very prone to wrinkles after each wash, and of course it will not be beautiful anymore. Here’s how to make a nice and simple flat shirt for you.

firstIroning the cuffs

Before ironing, please Unbutton both sides of the shirt cuffs, then iron from the inside to the outside of the cuffsAfter ironing this sleeve, move on to ironing the next sleeve. In case you have a steam iron at home, you can use a pleated iron to iron the sleeves.

Next you will iron along the sleeves and around the buttons.

Ironing the cuffsIroning the cuffs

2Ironing the collar

Spread the collar flat before ironing, then move the iron along the collar.

In the case of using an iron with a steam feature, you can take advantage of it to make the collar flat, sharp and stand out.

Ironing the collarIroning the collar

3Ironing the shoulders

Friend insert the shoulder part of the shirt – the joint between the collar and the back of the shirt into the tip of the ironing board. Proceed Iron from the outermost tip to the insidethen continue ironing to the sides of the shirt until the end.

Ironing the shouldersIroning the shoulders

4Ironing the back

Spread the back of the shirt face down on the ironing board, smooth the shirtHowever, you need to pay attention to always leave the shoulder part of the shirt at the position of the ironing sole and start ironing from the shoulder down to the bottom of the shirt. When ironing straight the middle of the back of the shirt, iron it to the sides.

Ironing the backIroning the back

5Ironing the body

Flatten one side of the shirt on the ironing boardthen use an iron Iron the entire surface of the bodice and the slits around the buttons. After ironing the shirt on one side, iron the other side.

Ironing the bodyIroning the body

6Ironing the tail

This is the final step in your shirt ironing, please Spread the bottom of the shirt face down on the ironing board and move the iron along the seam of the tailiron it back and forth until it is flat.

Ironing the tailIroning the tail

7 Note when ironing clothes

Because the iron is very hot, you need to keep it out of the reach of children to avoid an unfortunate situation.

When ironing a shirt, if you accidentally get burned, immediately rinse the burned skin under cold running water for 20 minutes.

When ironing and stop, let the iron stand, if left lying down may cause fire.

You need to adjust the iron temperature appropriately as follows:

  • If Shirts made of synthetic materials: can be ironed at temperatures from 175 – 230 degrees.
  • If Shirts need iron to be made of silk: The ideal temperature to iron them is 250 – 300 degrees.
  • If linen or cotton shirts: steam iron with adjustable temperature 320 – 400 degrees.

Note when ironing clothesNote when ironing clothes

Above is how to make a shirt and some notes to iron your shirt flat and beautiful. Don’t forget to save this article because it will help you dress well every day.

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