As you know, soft drinks, candies are snacks that are loved by many children. In particular, when Tet comes, they are more and more excited when they can comfortably eat sweets. However, this can predispose children to certain diseases such as diabetes, obesity, tooth decay.

Harm of eating a lot of candy, drinking a lot of soft drinks

Confectionery and soft drinks are foods that contain a lot of sugar. Its sweet taste makes people hard to resist. Especially children, almost every child loves to eat sweets. However, if parents do not strictly manage but feed the baby too much, it can cause the baby to have some diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, weakness, fatigue, reduced resistance, etc.

Eating a lot of sweets can cause tooth decay

In addition, when babies eat a lot of sweets, they are prone to tooth decay and other dental problems. Not to mention, when eating a lot of sweets and drinking soft drinks, babies are often very lazy to eat rice and other foods. This will cause the baby’s body to lack the necessary nutrients, leading to rickets and malnutrition.

Tips for children to be indifferent to candy, soft drinks

For children to “say no” to sweets and soft drinks is not an easy thing, but it is not impossible. Here are some tips that parents can apply to limit their baby’s sweets:

Keep candy out of sight of children

When children see candy and soft drinks, they often ask for it. Therefore, confectionery products and drinks often have very attractive colors to stimulate children. If parents do not want their children to eat candy, they should keep them on a high shelf or in a closed cabinet, out of sight and reach of children.

Keep candy and soft drinks out of sight

Feed your baby before going to Tet

When going to Tet, children often eat a lot of sweets. To limit this, parents should give their children healthy foods before going out or celebrating Tet. When the stomach feels full, the baby will automatically become indifferent to candy, soft drinks and other foods.

Feed the baby a little

Eating sweets is the only joy of children on Tet holiday. Therefore, parents cannot absolutely prohibit children from eating candy. Instead of pampering, parents should just give the baby a little nibble. And don’t forget to use “martial law” to limit the amount of candy your baby can eat.

Eat healthy foods

Instead of sweets or carbonated soft drinks, parents should give their children a lot of healthy foods such as meat, fish, green vegetables, fruits, etc. Because then the baby will not feel hungry and won’t want to snack anymore. To increase your baby’s interest in eating vegetables and fruits, tell interesting stories associated with these vegetables and fruits.

Let your baby eat well before going to Tet

Be an example for children

Children often imitate and imitate adults. Therefore, if they do not see adults eating sweets, they will not eat them. Parents and adults around the baby should limit eating candy or drinking soft drinks in front of the baby.

Tell your children about the harmful effects of eating too many sweets

For children who are a little older, parents and grandparents should tell them to understand the harmful effects of eating too much sweets. For good, obedient children, they will not ask for candy anymore.

Feed your baby healthy foods

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Bach Hoa Xanh wishes parents success with the above good tips.

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