Breakfast provides energy and essential nutrients for the whole day. But following the right diet makes the mother gain weight quickly. So how to have a nutritious breakfast to help the mother stay beautiful and the child still healthy? Please refer to the article with Bach Hoa XANH.


Is a food that is not only convenient but also provides a variety of nutrients necessary for the pregnancy period.

In addition to Carbohydrates to help replenish energy for the body, it is also rich in iron, B vitamins, folic acid and fiber.

In particular, folic acid in cereals is a nutrient that helps prevent birth defects of the spine for the unborn baby.

Mothers should choose whole grain products to help maximize nutrition for children.

Cereals are nutrients that help prevent birth defects in the fetus.

Foods rich in fiber

There are many kinds of fruits that mother can eat for breakfast such as: Watermelon, apple, banana, strawberry, green vegetables…

The fiber content helps pregnant women limit constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy, prevent birth defects.

In addition, they also provide abundant Vitamins A and C, enhancing the ability to absorb nutrients from other foods without causing weight gain for the mother.

Fiber helps pregnant women limit constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy, preventing birth defects.

Protein rich foods

Pregnant women can get protein from many sources such as eggs, milk, seafood, nuts, broccoli, corn, avocado, apples, chicken, pork…

Protein helps provide energy for the body’s activities, and is also very good for health brain development of children.

However, pregnant mother don’t eat too much Protein-containing dishes at breakfast, but should be eaten in combination with many different foods to be able to supplement more nutrients.

Protein helps provide energy for the body's activities, and is also very good for the brain development of children.

Milk and dairy products

Not only provide protein but also calcium supplement for pregnant mother’s body.

Helps to keep the mother’s bones and joints strong, and at the same time they play an essential role in the health of the mother bone development of the fetus.

Dairy products such as: Yogurt, drinking milk, cheese… are all rich sources of calcium.

Every day, pregnant women need at least 1000mg of calcium, equivalent to 3 glasses of milk/day. Therefore, mothers need to consider products containing Calcium, avoid using too much causing unwanted side effects.

Milk and dairy products play an essential role in the formation of fetal bone development.

Some notes when eating breakfast

Do not eat too much or too full at breakfast. Instead of 3 main meals as usual, mothers should divide their meals, on average, each meal is separated 30 minutes – 1 hour. Avoid flatulence, indigestion, nausea with mothers in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Should have breakfast after waking up 1 hourshould eat before 10 o’clock. This is a good time to help the body absorb maximum nutrients.

Do not use a lot of sugar, oil, fat.

Do not forget to bask in the morning sun after a meal, helping the body absorb Vitamin D and Calcium to the maximum.

Breakfast should be eaten 1 hour after waking up, should be eaten before 10 am.

Hopefully with the above information, mothers can easily control their own nutrition. Especially in the morning, it helps the mother to be healthy and the baby full of nutrients without making herself gain weight too quickly.

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