Nowadays, many kinds of food are being faked quite a lot. So how to distinguish which is real and which is fake? The following article will help you distinguish.

Today’s life with many advanced technologies, therefore, food will also be counterfeited in a more sophisticated way. With some of the ways below, you will identify fake foods easily.


To distinguish real or fake rice, you put the rice in a pan, then heat it up. If it’s fake rice, the rice will color to transparent.


Place the vitamin tablets in a tray lined with paper. Then put the tray in the oven. The pellets multivitamins will be melted and the pellets Pure vitamins will not meltkeep the shape.


Put fresh cream in a bowl, squeeze lemon over fresh cream, if ice cream is available bubbling phenomenon then the cream was added washing powder for coloring Stunning. And normal cream will not have any phenomenon.

4Fresh milk

Pour fresh milk into a glass, then add some seaweed in and stir well. If there is mixed rice water, the seaweed will cause the milk to turn a charcoal purple. Still Whole milk will not change color.

5Sweet potato

You prepare a cup, add cooking oil and water at a ratio of 50/50. Then stir well, using a cotton ball to absorb this mixture. Afterward, Wipe the outer skin of the sweet potatoif the cotton wool is soaked in the color of the sweet potato, this is an old sweet potato that has been damaged chemical marinade.


Distinguish real and fake coffee by, you prepare a glass of filtered water, put the coffee in the cup, fake coffee will float on the surface and the water is discolored. Still clean coffee will slowly gradually dissolve in water.


You use one box candleput honey on the wire and burn. Mixed honey will doto turn off immediatelystill real honey then Do not extinguish the candle.

8Tea bag

You cut the tea bag and put it on top white clothif clean tea will no discolourationstill poor quality tea will be lostcolor sister.

Above are some ways to distinguish real food from fake. Hope you can choose the best product to protect the health of your family.

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