Disinfecting household items is essential to prevent bacteria and viruses that cause disease. Refer to the disinfection of household items below.

firstDisinfect with sunlight

Disinfect with sunlightDisinfect with sunlight

Ultraviolet and infrared rays in sunlight can eliminate or inactivate microorganisms by damaging their DNA, rendering them unable to multiply and perform important cellular functions. Therefore, if you expose items such as blankets, linens, carpets or freshly washed dishes to the sun, Under the sun for about 3-6 hours, it will help disinfect very well.

2Sterilize objects by boiling method

How to disinfect household items to prevent viruses and bacteria

Boiling is an effective method of disinfecting sick people’s dishes or children’s toys. Submerge the items you need Sterilize in boiled water for 15-20 minutes It will help to freeze and kill common bacteria. After disinfecting, exposing the item to the sun will achieve the maximum sterilization effect.

3Disinfect objects with bleach powder

How to disinfect household items to prevent viruses and bacteria

Bleach in bleaching powder has the ability to harden the protein of bacteria, hinder the metabolic ability of bacteria, thereby killing pathogenic bacteria. Using bleach solution (water on top of bleaching powder after deposition) to clean tables and chairs, shelves, bookcases, shoe cabinets, wardrobes and beds will help remove bacteria effectively.

4Disinfect objects with vinegar

How to disinfect household items to prevent viruses and bacteria

Vinegar contains atelic acid – ingredient with high antibacterial ability So disinfecting with vinegar is very popular and used by many people to disinfect objects and indoor air. Each room uses a mixture of vinegar mixed with water (ratio 1:3) to boil the ceramics on low heat, when boiling the vinegar closes the door. This sterilization method is very effective in preventing respiratory diseases.

5Disinfect with a solution of warm water and white salt

How to disinfect household items to prevent viruses and bacteria

Door handles, stair handrails or technology devices such as remote controls, keyboards and mice need to be cleaned and regularly cleaned with a mixture of warm water and white salt (ratio 3:1). If someone in your home is sick, it is important to clean the doorknobs regularly because this is a direct contact with bacteria. In particular, to avoid the possibility of contagion, care should be taken with any objects that are handled by the hand.

In the face of the stressful situation of the epidemic, you must clean and disinfect your home and household items regularly and carefully to create a healthy living space and limit the possibility of infection. For your home, open windows regularly to let in sunlight and help circulate air, eliminating bacteria. In particular, for household items, apply the tips in the above article to bring the best sterilization effect.

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