There is no need to go to a restaurant anymore when you can now cook delicious snail noodles right at home. How to cook snail vermicelli will be revealed in this article, let’s read it right away.

30 minutes
20 minutes
Intended for
3-4 people

The delicious hot snail noodles with rich, sour broth combined with fragrant golden snail rolls and extremely attractive fresh and crispy snail meat will definitely make you eat once unforgettable. How to cook this noodle dish is extremely simple, let’s go to the kitchen!

first Ingredients for cooking snail vermicelli

  • 150g sprouts (raw springs)

  • Minced red onion, minced garlic
  • Vegetables served: scallions, bean sprouts, grated morning glory, coriander, perilla…

Ingredients for cooking snail vermicelliIngredients for cooking snail vermicelli

2 How to cook snail vermicelli

Step 1 Process materials

First, you Soak the snails with rice water or clean water and add a few slices of chili overnight or about 6 hours for the snails to release dirt. Then rinse off with water.

Buy pork bones, you wash them with water and salt to clean, then boil them with boiling water to make the bones firm and remove all the dirt.

Tomato you wash, then cut areca, tofu cut into bite-sized squares. You can take some scallions and cilantro to chop finely to make seasoning vegetables, increase the flavor of the noodle dish.

  Process materials Process materials

Step 2 Prepare snail meat

Use a large pot to boil 1.5 liters of water. When the water has boiled, you add the boiled pork bones and simmer the broth. Remember to add a little seasoning to make our bones more flavorful.

Snails you boil with boiling water for about 2 minutes and then take the snail meat, then rinse the snail meat with cold water. You cut half of the snail meat to make snail rolls, and leave the other half intact.

Mix the chopped snail meat with sprouts, season with spices and a little cashew oil and mix well. Then you shape this mixture into bite-sized balls. With the whole snail meat, you also marinate with spices to absorb.

Prepare snail meatPrepare snail meat

Step 3 Cook snail noodles

You heat the pan with cooking oil, then fry the tofu until golden brown, then take out and set aside. Then, you also use this oil pan to fry the snails on medium heat until evenly cooked and golden on both sides and then set aside.

Remove the old oil, heat the pan with a little color of cashew oil and then fry 1 part of minced onion and garlic until fragrant. When the onion and garlic are fragrant, add the tomatoes and stir-fry with a little seasoning until the tomatoes are cooked.

Cook snail noodlesCook snail noodles

At that time, you turn off the heat and put all the sautéed tomatoes into the pot of boiling broth along with the fried tofu. WOMENCook for another 5 minutes with low heat and season to tasteyou remember Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar to make our broth taste sour taste it. Add finely chopped seasoning, our broth is done.

Again using the pan that has been sautéed with tomatoes, you add cashew oil and then fry the remaining onion and garlic, then you Stir-fry the marinated snail meat on high heat for about 2 minutes to make the snail meat crispy and delicious. This part of snail meat, you keep separate for when eating noodles.

Step 4 Finished product

Finished productFinished product

Put the vermicelli and vegetables in a bowl and pour the broth slowly until the vermicelli is completely covered. Add snail rolls and fried snail meat on top, the very attractive snail noodle dish is complete. The rich broth, crunchy and crunchy snails will definitely make you remember forever.

3 Enjoy

Use Snail vermicelli with a little sate or shrimp paste will make more delicious food, this combination is really “classic”, you should try it once. Besides The pungent taste of sate will stimulate the taste budswhich will make you eat the whole dish in a flash and will have to eat a second bowl.

Enjoy snail vermicelliEnjoy snail vermicelli

Above is a very simple way to make snail vermicelli from Bach Hoa XANH that you should refer to. This weekend, go to the kitchen to show off your talent and share your feelings with Bach Hoa XANH! Good luck making this dish!