Let’s nourish the whole family with this extremely nutritious beef mushroom soup. How to do it is revealed right in this article!

Enoki mushrooms and beef are both nutritious foods. There’s nothing better than gathering around the family tray of rice and enjoying the beef needle mushroom soup with the sweet taste of the broth, the crispy crunch of the mushrooms. The soup increases resistance and is suitable for people with weakness or anemia. Let’s go to the kitchen to make this dish for the whole family.

firstIngredients for cooking beef needle mushroom soup for 3 people

2How to cook shiitake mushroom soup with delicious beef

Step 1 Process materials

After buying ground beef, you marinate the beef with 1 teaspoon seasoning seeds, minced pepper and red onionmix well and roll into balls just ate. You pick up the leaves of cinnamon, then wash and dry.

Needle mushroom you cut off the base of the mushroom, then cut in half so the mushrooms are the right length. Next, you separate the mushrooms into smaller pieces, then wash and dry.

How to cook beef needle mushroom soup, eat full stomach with hot rice

Step 2 Cook soup

Put the pot on the stove and put it in 2 tablespoons cooking oilWhen the oil is hot, add the minced garlic and sauté until fragrant. When Minced garlic is golden fragrantyou put a sufficient amount of water in the pot and tasting spicescook until boiling.

When the water is boiling, add the enoki mushrooms to cook. When the water starts to boil again, continue to add the beef and cook for a few minutes 3 minutes for the beef to cook. Season to taste, then turn off the heat, add basil leaves at the end to add more flavor to the dish.

So our soup is done.

How to cook beef needle mushroom soup, eat full stomach with hot rice

3Finished product

How to cook beef needle mushroom soup, eat full stomach with hot rice

Pour the soup into a bowl and serve hot, you will feel the natural sweetness from the cooked beef and mushrooms. Combined with the aroma from cinnamon, which goes well with beef, it will make the kimchi mushroom soup with beef more color and flavor.