Pork brain porridge is a protein-rich, energy-rich and delicious dish. Therefore, this is a dish that you can choose to help enrich the breakfast in the family.

In pig brain contains common minerals such as: Calcium, phosphorus, iron and cholesterol content, which have certain effects in strengthening bones and joints, can limit or improve headaches, dizziness or weakness. nerve. Therefore, pig brain is always an option to supplement nutrients for the whole family, especially parents often choose pork brain porridge to feed their babies. Pork brain porridge not only provides fat and protein for the baby but also supports brain development very well for the baby. Check out how to cook pork brain porridge through the article below!


How to cook pork brain porridge

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

Process materialsProcess materials

Pork brain pickled with white salt then use toothpick Pull out all the blood lines to reduce the fishy feeling then rinse with water, then marinate a little cooking oil and seasoning seeds and bring Cook pork brain for about 15 minutes Let the pork brains cook and then take them out (can put lemongrass in water to help deodorize effectively).

Step 2: Cook porridge

How to cook nutritious pork brain porridge for a new day

Stir the rice flour into about 350-400ml of water depending on the consistency of the porridge. Put on the stove to simmer and stir with your hands until the porridge is cooked and smooth. Take the cooked pork brain, grind it into small pieces and put it in the boiling porridge pot, stir well and season to taste, then turn off the stove.

Finished product

How to cook nutritious pork brain porridge for a new day

Put the porridge in a bowl, you can add some chopped cilantro and 1 teaspoon of sesame oil and stir well. Thus, you have a delicious and nutritious bowl of pork brain porridge.

So you have a very delicious pork brain porridge for your family already. Looks like a delicious bowl of porridge, but it doesn’t take too much effort, right? Come into the kitchen today to try it out! Good luck and have fun!