Perilla leaves are a vegetable that can help treat colds in the simplest way. Let’s make minced meat porridge with perilla leaves in the article below.

Minced meat perilla porridge

20 minutes
45 mins
Intended for
3 people

With the weather being hot in the morning, cold in the evening like this, it also makes many people sick. When it comes to vegetables that can help cure colds quickly, it is impossible not to mention perilla, and perilla, there are many ways to prepare dishes. But if you’re having a cold, it’s easiest to eat porridge, isn’t it?

According to folklore, minced meat porridge with perilla is a dish that has a very good cooling effect. A pot of hot, smoky porridge sprinkled with a few chopped perilla leaves will provide adequate nutrition for sick people and children to help heal quickly.

If you are suffering from a cold or simply suddenly want to eat perilla minced meat porridge, let’s go to the kitchen with Bach Hoa XANH to cook a pot of minced meat porridge to nourish the body!

Watch the clip on how to make minced meat porridge in more detail here.

first Ingredients to cook minced meat perilla porridge

Minced meat perilla porridgePorridge ingredients

2 How to cook minced meat perilla porridge

Step 1 Prepare ingredients and marinate meat

You put the minced meat in a small bowl and put it there 1/2 tbsp seasoning, a little salt, ground pepper Then mix well and let it sit for 15 minutes for the meat to absorb.

Minced meat perilla porridgeScent meat

Carrots and potatoes I will peel it and wash it diced.

Perilla leaves and green onions then wash it off cut into piecs go out.

Minced meat perilla porridgePreliminary processing of vegetables

Step 2 Wash and roast rice

To wash the rice, I will mix plain rice with glutinous rice and wash it, be careful not to wash it too many times, it will lose the nutrient layer in the outer layer of rice.

After washing, I will drain the water and roast rice.

Note: Roasting the rice will make the porridge more fragrant and the rice grains will not be crushed, note that only roasting the rice until the rice turns ivory white is okay, no need to roast it too yellow.

Minced meat perilla porridgeRoasted rice

Step 3 Porridge

Put a pot on the stove, then you Put in a pot of 1.5 liters of filtered water and boil, when seen Once the water is boiling, turn down the heat to medium and simmer the porridge for 25-30 minutesdepending on the fineness of the porridge you like.

Note: Do not let the high heat, the porridge will spill out, sometimes use a patch to stir it up so that the porridge does not stick to the bottom of the pot.

Minced meat perilla porridgeNoodle soup

When Cook porridge for about 20 minutesFriend for carrots and chopped potatoes Cook together, if you find the porridge too thick, you can add a little water.

Carrots and potatoes cook for about 10 minutes then it’s also soft, now you put the marinated meat in and mix it with a patch so that the meat is separated, not stuck.

Now I will proceed to seasoning, I season with a little salt, 1 tbsp seasoning, 1 tbsp fish sauceYou can increase or decrease it to suit your own taste.

When you see When the meat is cooked, you add finely chopped perilla leavesmix well and then turn off the stove.

Minced meat perilla porridgePorridge

3 Finished product

Ladle the porridge into a bowl, add a little green onion, ground pepper, add a little perilla leaves For beauty, if you like it, you can add ginger to heal faster. So our minced meat porridge is finished, it’s extremely simple, isn’t it?

Minced meat perilla porridgeFinished perilla porridge with minced meat

4 Why can minced meat porridge with perilla leaves relieve colds?

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Bay (Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital), perilla leaves are a vegetable that is both delicious and medicinal in taste. Perilla leaves are spicy, the, fragrant, temperate, have a very good detoxifying and calming effect.

Perilla also contains many vitamins and minerals with anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effects, etc., so it is very useful for those who are suffering from upper respiratory tract inflammation, especially allergic rhinitis.

Besides the ability to fight allergies, perilla is also an effective cold reliever. Dr. Bay said, if you have a cold, eat a bowl of hot perilla porridge, it will help to sweat, relieve colds, digest well and quickly recover the body.

Minced perilla porridge is very good to relieve coldsMinced meat perilla porridge is very good to relieve colds

I believe that with this cooking method, anyone can cook for their family a porridge that is both delicious and healthy to repel the hateful flu as quickly as possible. Good luck.

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