How to cook pumpkin soup is very simple and quick. Pumpkin soup can be cooked with minced meat or shrimp. Today I will show you how to cook squash soup with minced meat!

10 minutes
10 minutes
Intended for
2 – 3 people

Squash is a familiar food that is often used as an ingredient in family dishes or as a juice. With many health benefits and not too high price, squash is very preferred by women when buying cooking products.

firstIngredients for minced squash soup

Ingredients for minced squash soupIngredients for minced squash soup

2How to cook delicious minced squash soup

Step 1 Process materials

The squash is peeled, cut into pieces about 1cm thick and then cut in half into bite-sized pieces, you can peel the pumpkin if you like. Scallions are washed and chopped.

Process materialsProcess materials

Step 2 Scent meat

Put the minced meat in a bowl, add 1 small chopped scallions, 1/2 teaspoon MSG, 1/2 teaspoon pepper, 1/2 teaspoon seasoning seeds 1 tablespoon fish sauce, 1/2 teaspoon chili powder, Then mix the meat well and let it rest for 10 minutes.

Scent meatScent meat

Step 3 Cooking minced squash soup

Put in the pot about 500ml water and bring to a boil, when the water is boiling, slowly add the marinated meat to the pot Let the meat melt and mix with the water to make it sweeter. When the water boils again, add the squash to the pot. Seasoning add 2 teaspoons salt, ½ teaspoon seasoning, 1 teaspoon sugar then stir by hand. The squash is just cooked, avoid letting it soften and it won’t taste good, then turn off the stove

Cooking minced squash soupCooking minced squash soup

Step 4 Finished product

So the squash soup cooked with minced meat is complete. You scoop out the bowl, sprinkle on a little pepper, a little green onion is done.

Finished productFinished product


This soup should be used while still hot to be able to enjoy the sweetness of the squash mixed with minced meat to the fullest.


4How to choose to buy fresh ingredients

How to choose to buy fresh pork

  • To choose to buy good pork, you should choose pieces of meat that are red-pink, the surface is dry, and there is no strange viscous discharge.

  • You can gently press the meat with your hand to check the elasticity. If the meat is firm, press it and then release it and see the meat return to its original shape, then the meat is fresh and delicious.

  • Avoid buying pieces of meat that have an unusual viscous discharge, black dots, and an unpleasant odor, or the meat is soft and mushy, the meat is no longer fresh.

How to choose to buy fresh squash

  • To choose to buy fresh squash, you should choose large, straight, natural green skins that feel firm in your hand.

  • Avoid choosing the dark green zucchini that are old, when cooked, they will not have much juiciness.

  • You can also choose squash with a large, fat, fresh stem.

  • Should not choose the fruit when it feels soft, wilted, … when cooked, it will no longer be delicious and retain the characteristic flavor of the squash.

How to choose to buy fresh squash and pork

Bach Khoa XANH hopes that with the recipe for minced squash soup, just guided in the above article, it will help you know more delicious cooking secrets. Good luck!