Straw mushroom soup is a simple dish, easy to cook but extremely delicious rice. This article will show you how to make this dish for a more delicious family meal.

Straw mushrooms are a kind of rustic food but extremely delicious and have many benefits. Straw mushroom soup has a natural sweetness from straw mushrooms and carefully stewed bones, combined with the cool taste of chives to create a frugal but extremely nutritious taste. With just 35 minutes, you have a frugal soup for the whole family to enjoy.

firstIngredients for mushroom soup for 3 people

2How to cook delicious mushroom soup at home

Step 1: Process materials

When you buy mushrooms, clean them, soak them in salt water to detoxify them, and then cut them in half to taste. Chives are also washed and cut into bite-sized pieces.

After buying pork bones, you should wash them with water and salt to clean the pork thoroughly.

Process materials

Step 2: Cook mushroom soup

You put the pot on the stove with 1 bowl of water, wait for the water to boil, then add the pork bones with a teaspoon of salt, stew to produce fresh water. You can Put a purple onion in the stew pot to get rid of the smell of pork when it’s boiled.

You pay attention to both stew and skim so that the broth is clear. After stewing the bones for 30 minutes, you add the straw mushrooms to cook and taste the spices to taste. When the mushrooms are almost cooked, you continue to add the chives at the end and then turn off the heat. The hot broth will cook the chives slowly without becoming mushy, making them more delicious.

So our mushroom soup is done.

3Finished product

Pour the soup into a bowl and use the filling while it is still hot, you will feel the frugal taste that the soup brings. Straw mushroom soup cooked in this way, you can eat it with a meal or eat it alone to cool the body.

Hope you are successful.

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