Suede shoes collect dust very quickly and are a bit difficult to clean. A little manipulation with a soft-bristled brush with vinegar and cornstarch will help you clean suede shoes as well as remove scratches on shoes.

Suede is made from the reverse side of sheepskin, cowhide, goat skin… Suede shoes are easy to absorb water, easy to get dirty, especially in complicated weather conditions like in Vietnam, soon the shoes will be quick. old go. So if you are one of the followers of suede shoes, it is impossible not to save information on how to properly clean suede shoes, because that is the solution to help you prolong the life and aesthetic surface. of the suede shoes you own.

firstHow to clean suede shoes basic

With suede shoes, you should use a specialized brush to clean stains. If you don’t have a dedicated brush, you can use it soft bristle toothbrushes.

With If the stain is dry, you should use a pencil eraser, gently rub the dirty area to clean. Continue Use the brush to gently scrub in the right direction of the skin Wipe off any remaining stains.

With wet stains, you should wash the entire pair of shoes, avoid using detergents, just wash your shoes with warm water, use a brush to scrub where there are stubborn stains. Let the shoes dry naturally, roll the paper inside to keep the shape of the shoes.

Here are the specific steps:

Step 1: Wrap the white paper in the shoes to ensure that when you clean it, it will not affect the shape of the shoes.

Step 2: You choose to buy a specialized brush to clean suede shoes, then brush in the forward direction of the silk layer on the surface of the shoe to remove dirt on the surface.

However, it should be noted that if your suede shoes have scratches on the edges, you should use a strong brush around the scratched area to ensure that you are removing the lint from the edges of the shoe.

Step 3: Use a brush dipped in a little water, vinegar or lemon (You should limit the use of water to better protect leather shoes) and brush over the entire shoe, scrubbing the dirty part.

In case if the shoes have smudges due to rain water, you can use a little white vinegar as a suede cleaner because white vinegar is considered “removable” of stains on suede shoes.

Step 4: Remove the white paper stuffed in the shoes and store them in a cool, dry place.

How to clean suede shoes quickly

2Suede shoe care

Use polish/cream to protect suede shoes: With a layer of glue / cream on the outside, it will help your shoes prevent dust and water from sticking. This layer of glue / cream will be applied to the shoes from the time you buy the shoes or after each shoe cleaning.

Do not use when it rains: Suede is inherently dry and does not like water, so whenever you go out and see it raining, choose shoes with a different material to wear and wear suede shoes on better days.

Careful storage: When not wearing shoes, it is best to leave them in a dry place to avoid places with high humidity, which will reduce the life of the shoes.

Skillful Shipping: When you choose to bring suede shoes on long trips, instead of leaving it in a nylon bag and tying it up, use a paper bag or even an old pillowcase to prevent the shoes from steaming.

How to clean suede shoes quickly

With a few tips above, you can safely use and clean suede shoes quickly. Stay tuned for more articles on our website.

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