Bobby diapers are diverse in types, sizes, good quality, and especially at very affordable prices, which is the choice of many milk diaper mothers. This article would like to share how to choose the right Bobby diaper size for your baby, for reference.

For each age and weight level, babies need to use diapers of the same size as appropriate, helping them to be both comfortable in movement, safe and hygienic, beneficial for the baby, and beneficial for the mother. I don’t really know which diaper to choose for my baby in Bobby’s range of products, see how to choose the size of Bobby diapers and pads according to the instructions below.

firstChoose Bobby diapers for babies

How to choose the right Bobby diaper size for your baby

Bobby diapers for newborns have 2 sizes including Newborn 1 and Newborn 2often used for the first months of a baby’s life, when the baby can’t turn over, movement is still limited.

  • Choose diapers Newborn 1 for babies about 6 kg, under 1 month old.

Using pads at this stage is very convenient, hygienic and cost-effective for parents.

2Choose Bobby stickers for babies

When the baby begins to develop in motor function, the baby’s body is more flexible, the newborn pad is no longer suitable, easy to move, causing leakage and unhygienic. Parents should switch to Bobby diapers for babies.

How to choose the right Bobby diaper size for your baby

Current Bobby diaper sizes:

  • Bobby Newborn Diapers – size XS: Can be used for babies weighing about 6 kg, comfortable when babies practice kicking and kicking without worrying about shifting.

  • Bobby diapers size WILL: Comfortable for babies weighing 4 – 7 kg, safe with postures to practice flipping, practicing sitting in babies.

  • Bobby diapers US size: Used for babies weighing 7-10 kg, suitable for babies in the crawling stage.

  • Bobby diapers size LOW: Used for babies 8 – 15 kg, the stage when the baby can stand up and walk.

  • Bobby diapers size XL: Used for babies weighing 12 – 17 kg, when the baby is older and starts to practice going to the toilet.

  • Bobby diapers size XXL: For babies weighing about 16 kg. Usually this time the baby is older, can go to the toilet actively, can use diapers to support mainly at night.

3Choose Bobby diapers for babies

Bobby diapers with a body-hugging design, soft elastic belt, very neat and highly “safe” for both mother and baby. Although its price is higher than the above two types, the convenience is undeniable, especially it is very comfortable for the baby in all movements.

How to choose the right Bobby diaper size for your baby

Bobby’s diapers for babies have the following sizes:

  • Select Bobby pants diapers size WORLDWIDE For babies 4 – 7 kg, babies at the stage of kicking and kicking a lot.

  • Select Bobby diaper pants US size give your baby 7-10 kg, when the baby starts to learn to turn over and learn to sit.

  • Select Bobby’s diaper pants size OVER For babies 8 – 15 kg, the stage when the baby learns to crawl.

  • Select Bobby pants diaper size XL 12-17 kg baby, the time when the baby can stand up and learn to walk.

  • Select Bobby pants diaper size XXL For babies weighing from 16 kg, good for older children, comfortable movement throughout the day.

Note: The accompanying developmental stages are for reference only, based on general data on weight and age standards for children. When choosing a diaper size for a baby, parents still should consider mainly according to the baby’s weight to choose the right product for the baby.

From time to time, your baby will need to use the right diapers, and not only that, the diaper size must also fit to ensure hygiene and comfort for the baby. If you use Bobby for your baby, please note the above information.