Adult diapers are products that help the elderly and sick people to be more convenient, hygienic, and comfortable. Depending on the user’s situation, there are suitable diapers.

Adult diapers also have additional diapers, diapers, and pads designed to suit the needs and conditions of the elderly and sick, ensuring factors of absorbency, mobility, and user comfort.

Elderly people, sick people with limited mobility or consciousness often have difficulties in body hygiene. The use of diapers makes caring for loved ones simpler and easier.

Diaper users are also better hygienic, ensuring a dry and clean condition for the body, preventing many infections due to poor hygiene. However, choosing diapers for adults is also based on the user’s condition and chooses accordingly.

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How to choose the right adult diaper for each user's needs

Diapers for adults designed as underwear so that the user can wear or change diapers on their own, Fit for people who can walk or walk on their own, supported movement, providing a feeling of comfort and safety when moving.

Diapers with absorbency 300ml for thin and 600ml for super absorbent, can be used with additional pads inside to save on diaper costs.

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How to choose the right adult diaper for each user's needs

Adhesive diapers are suitable for people with limited mobilityg, can only sit or lie down. Adhesive diapers are easy to wear even in the lying position, providing better support for caregivers. The absorbency of adhesive diapers is also quite good, similar to pants diapers, and can also be used with additional pads to save on diaper costs.

3Extra pads

Can be used with diapers, diapers, or directly on underwear. Extra pads are easy to replace, the pads can be changed many times added on the outer diaper cover, is a cost-effective way to use it while ensuring safety and comfort for the user.

Choosing the right type of diapers suitable for use for loved ones is both convenient, hygienic, and improves the quality of life for the elderly and sick, taking better care of their physical and mental health.