Using adult diapers is a good choice to support the care of the elderly and patients, help them maintain body hygiene, better control the need for excretion. So with Caryn diapers, refer to how to choose diapers according to the status of your loved one.

Adult diapers have not only 1 but many types, depending on the user’s health and exercise status, but should choose the appropriate products. With Caryn diaper products, you can choose products in the following way…

firstHow to choose Caryn adult diapers for the elderly, sick people can walk on their own

Caryn adult diapers for the elderly and sick Caryn adult diapers for the elderly and sick

Products of your choice: Caryn lightweight diapers.

With a thin, lightweight design that helps the wearer feel as comfortable as using underwear, Caryn’s lightweight diaper is a product that helps users with excretory problems, but still has the ability to walk, making them comfortable. and confidently exercise, socialize.

The ultra-soft belly elastic design is not only intended to provide a smooth touch, but it also makes it easier for the wearer to pull the diaper up and down.

Caryn’s lightweight diapers are also equipped with a breathable bottom membrane, double anti-flow walls and effective absorption from a super absorbent cotton core, very reassuring for users in all daily activities.

There are 2 sizes to choose from, size M with a waist circumference of 60 – 85 cm in the form of a pack of 8 pieces and a pack of 16 pieces, size L diapers with a waist circumference of 75 – 100 cm in the form of a pack of 7 pieces and a pack of 14 pieces.

2How to choose diapers, diapers Caryn pants for commuters need help

Similar in design to the thin diapers above, but with enhanced absorbency up to 600 cc, the Caryn Super Absorbent Diaper is for people with excretory problems and limited mobility, needing help.

The product helps the wearer to feel comfortable, rest assured to practice and restore movement, without worrying about the problem of excretion adversely affecting themselves or causing trouble for caregivers.

Caryn super absorbent diapers size M for waist circumference 60 – 85 cm, pack of 7 pieces and size L for waist 75 – 10 cm, pack of 6 pieces.

3How to choose Caryn diapers for people with limited mobility

People with limited mobility and mobility will depend greatly on caregivers, including excretion problems.

In this case, Caryn super absorbent diapers are the choice to help caregivers keep the elderly and sick people clean in excretory problems.

Products with super-fast absorbent grooves and overlapping walls keep the surface dry to keep the wearer comfortable, the open-glue design is easy to put on and take off to make caring for loved ones easy, resistant technology Bacteria combined with herbs protect the skin and prevent odors effectively for the wearer.

Caryn super absorbent diapers: size M for waist circumference 61 – 106 cm packing 10/20/30 pieces, size ML for waist circumference 68 – 122 cm packing 3/10/20/40 pieces, size XL for waist circumference 76 – 130 cm packed 10 pieces.

4Choose Caryn diapers for users with more than 4 diapers a day

Along with the Caryn diapers and diaper products selected for each loved one’s case, the Caryn supplement pad is an economical solution that can be used with diapers or diapers or used directly with underwear. to reduce costs for users more than 4 diapers a day.

Caryn Extra Pads come in a convenient 18-pack.

5Use Caryn diapers for people who need extra spill protection

For extra support in hospital beds and wheelchairs, Caryn’s lightweight, lightweight, lightweight, breathable, and lightweight design includes a fixed adhesive layer that helps users protect against back spills when in use. Adhesive diapers, absolutely prevent liquids from coming out, keep hospital beds or wheelchairs clean, antibacterial and deodorize with Nano Silver technology.

Product size length x width is 70 cm x 60 cm, suitable for hospital beds, wheelchairs.

For post-surgery patients who cannot use diapers, Caryn super absorbent pads of 72 cm x 42 cm size can help patients maintain good hygiene, simplifying the care process.

With Caryn’s specialized products, the elderly and sick will feel more confident, reduce guilt, regain a happy spirit to improve the recovery of physical health, regain the quality of life.