Floor cleaner not only brings a fresh and clean house, but it also has a great anti-mosquito effect. Right now, let’s learn about how to choose this type of floor cleaner.

Have you ever heard of the method of treating mosquitoes with floor cleaner, which not only helps your house always be clean, fragrant but also safe and protects the health of the whole family. Anti-mosquito floor cleaner is a common home cleaning product with added chemical components and scents that are able to prevent the appearance of insects, including mosquitoes. But how to choose floor cleaner to ensure absolute efficiency? Let’s find the answer through the article below.

firstWhy should you choose anti-mosquito floor cleaner?

Repelling mosquitoes with floor cleaner is a simple method that brings many benefitsRepelling mosquitoes with floor cleaner is a simple method that brings many benefits

Mosquitoes are insects that breed and spread many infectious diseases. Its bites not only cause itching and discomfort but also harbor many dangerous diseases, which are a danger to the health of adults and children.

For that reason, the methods of killing these harmful insects are all concerned by housewives, from using mosquito spray, mosquito incense, to repelling mosquitoes with natural materials such as grapefruit peel. , oil,..

Mosquito repellent with floor cleaner is a simple method that brings many benefits to housewives. The benefits of floor cleaner to repel mosquitoes can include:

  • Health safety: In addition, anti-mosquito floor cleaner also works to keep the space and environment clean, preventing many harmful pathogens.

  • Cost savings: Instead of having to buy more expensive mosquito coils and lamps, mothers can take advantage of both cleaning the floor and repelling insects in any area.

  • Floor surface protection: In addition to the antibacterial and surface cleaning functions, the current insect-preventing floor cleaners also help protect the floor surface well. They are quite friendly with metal floors, glazed floors…

2Instructions on how to choose anti-mosquito floor cleaner

Observe product packaging

Observe product packagingObserve product packaging

Most floor cleaners have anti-mosquito properties, on the product packaging will appear the words “repelling insects”, “mosquito repellent”, .. or images representing the anti-mosquito feature. Therefore, to avoid buying the wrong floor cleaner, you should observe the information and symbols printed on the package.

The product contains insect repellent ingredients

Mint. lemongrass It is a herb known for its many effective uses in the prevention of certain diseases and the effect of repelling insects.

So floor cleaners containing mint or lemongrass scent will effectively repel mosquitoes and are especially not harmful to the surrounding environment.

Oil lavender (lavender) also works to prevent mosquitoes, in addition, this essential oil also has an antiseptic effect. Floor cleaner combined with lavender scent has the effect of eliminating unpleasant odors to help keep the indoor air fresh and at the same time repelling mosquitoes near your home area.

The product contains insect repellent ingredientsThe product contains insect repellent ingredients

In addition, if the floor cleaner you are using does not have the above scents, when cleaning your house, you can add a few drops of essential oils such as lemon, orange, lemongrass, eucalyptus, cinnamon, mint or lavender into the solution. mop water to increase the anti-mosquito effect of floor cleaner.

3Notes when choosing anti-mosquito floor cleaner

To get the desired anti-mosquito ability, you need some of the following notes:

  • It is recommended to choose reputable and quality floor cleaners with ingredients containing proven safe mosquito repellent active ingredients.

  • Clear provenance from trusted brands. Thus, the new product is effective and ensures the health of everyone in the family.

  • There are many types of anti-mosquito cleaners on the market, however, you should be a smart consumer to choose a place to buy that is reliable and has a reputable brand.

Bach Khoa GREEN hopes that you will be a smart consumer when choosing quality floor cleaning products and have many uses such as anti-mosquitoes. Buying the right products not only helps you save money, but also protects the health of yourself and your family.

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