There are many types of dishwashing liquid on the market today with different ingredients and uses. Here’s how to choose a dishwashing liquid that won’t harm your hands.

Dishwashing liquid is an extremely necessary product and is used every day in every household to help keep kitchen utensils clean and prevent bacteria that are harmful to health. However, to ensure safety for health, choosing a safe and gentle dishwashing liquid for hands is also very important. Let’s follow Bach Hoa XANH to follow the article below to understand more!

firstWhat is dishwashing liquid?

Dishwashing liquid is a type The solution is used to clean dirty items such as dishes, cutlery and other kitchen utensils. Usually, dishwashing liquid Contains detergents and foaming agents to help remove grease, stains and other impurities from the surface of items.

In addition, dishwashing liquid can also Contains disinfectants or fragrances to keep things clean and fresh.

What is dishwashing liquid?What is dishwashing liquid?

2Types of dishwashing liquid today

Dishwashing liquid for machine

Dishwashers are becoming very popular in homes and restaurants as it saves time and effort in washing dishes. However, choosing the right dishwashing liquid is very important to protect the dishwasher.

Using the wrong type of water can shorten the life of the machine. We should Use specialized dishwashing powder to make sure the machine is working properly and to keep the dishes clean. This also helps to protect and prolong the life of the dishwasher.

Dishwashing liquid for machineDishwashing liquid for machine

Hand dishwashing liquid

Manual dishwashing liquid is generally classified into two types: chemical dishwashing liquid and biological dishwashing liquid. Chemical dishwashing liquid is made from chemical ingredients, while biological dishwashing liquid contains natural ingredients.

Hand dishwashing liquidHand dishwashing liquid

Biological dishwashing liquid

Biological dishwashing liquid has many advantages as follows:

  • Extracted from the Natural ingredients, helping to ensure the health of users.
  • Natural ingredients are often very suitable for the user’s skin, Does not cause allergies or skin damage.
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals, helps environmental protection.

  • Just use a small amount soap can also remove any stubborn grease stains.

  • The scent is extracted from naturebrings a mild fragrance and long-lasting scent.

Chemical dishwashing liquid

Unlike biological dishwashing liquid, chemical dishwashing liquid is produced from chemicals such as NaOH, Na3SO4, Na2SO3, are surfactants. These substances have Strong alkalinity and effective cleaning ability. However, due to containing strong chemical ingredients, chemical dishwashing liquid may be harmful to the user’s skin and health.

3How to choose to buy safe dishwashing liquid

Say no to harmful chemical ingredients

Choosing a dishwashing liquid with mild and safe detergent ingredients is very important to protect the health of your hands and the environment. In addition to avoiding products containing harmful chemical ingredients, it is also advisable to Choose products that contain natural ingredients and do not cause skin irritation.

Besides, the Controlling the concentration of chemicals in the product is also important to ensure the safety of users and the environment.

How to choose to buy safe dishwashing liquidHow to choose to buy safe dishwashing liquid

Choose dishwashing liquid with organic ingredients

Biological dishwashing liquid is one of the organic products Made entirely from natural ingredients. The main ingredients in this detergent must be tested and obtained international organic certifications such as Nasa, USDA, .. to be sold in the market.

Organic dishwashing liquid is a good choice for those who care about health and the environment. Okay Extracted from natural ingredientsThis dishwashing liquid Does not contain harmful chemicals and does not cause skin irritation user’s.

Choose dishwashing liquid with organic ingredientsChoose dishwashing liquid with organic ingredients

In addition, organic dishwashing liquid also helps minimize negative impact on the environment. Instead of using harmful chemicals, organic dishwashing liquid uses environmentally friendly natural ingredients, no pollution to water and no negative impact on animals and plants live in the environment.

Choose dishwashing liquid with healthy natural ingredients

To choose to buy a safe and healthy dishwashing liquid for your hands, the first factor you need to consider is the composition of the product.

Read the ingredients and concentration information carefully of the product is very important to choose the right type of dishwashing liquid. If you have sensitive skin, you should choose dishwashing liquid Contains no alcohol or other harmful chemicals.

Choose dishwashing liquid with healthy natural ingredientsChoose dishwashing liquid with healthy natural ingredients

You should choose to buy products with natural or synthetic ingredients organic substances, typically decyl glucoside, glycerin, Aloe (aloe vera), green tea,…

Substances commonly found in products for sensitive skin are plant-based so they are not harmful to health, and coco glucoside, an anionic surfactant, are gently removed. completely the dirt on the surface.

Choose dishwashing liquid with ingredients to care for soft skin of your hands

Taking care of our hands is very important, because we often use our hands to come into direct contact with many toxic substances. Use dishwashing liquid Contains hand care ingredients that will help protect and care for your hands.

Choose dishwashing liquid with ingredients to care for soft skin of your handsChoose dishwashing liquid with ingredients to care for soft skin of your hands

In addition, there are products that are certified organic and free of harmful chemicals, Help keep your hands safer and healthier. However, it should also be noted that using too many hand care products can be harmful to the skin, especially when these products contain chemicals such as parabens or sulfates.

Therefore, it is recommended to use products with natural ingredients and not too much to effectively protect your hands.

Choose safe dishwashing liquid based on scent

Scent is an important factor when choosing dishwashing liquid. However, it should be noted that Some scents may cause skin irritation or allergies for some people. Therefore, to choose a safe scented dishwashing liquid, you can refer to the products recommended by experts or carefully read the product label to know the specific ingredients of the product.

Choose safe dishwashing liquid based on scentChoose safe dishwashing liquid based on scent

Try it out or refer to someone who has used it

Finally, to know the fact that this dishwashing liquid really does not irritate the skin of your hands, there is only one way. Use a moderate amount when washing dishes only.

After buying, you should try a little to see if your new dishwashing liquid irritates the skin of your hands, If after a day there is no problem, you can use it with confidence.

Or you can Consult people who have used the product before for you to choose more suitable.

Try it out or refer to someone who has used itTry it out or refer to someone who has used it

Choosing a dishwashing liquid that is safe for your health and gentle on your hands is very important. Here are some tips for choosing a safe dishwashing liquid for your hands. Follow Bach Hoa XANH for more useful information.

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