As a first time mother, you are worried and wondering how to bathe your baby? Bathing a newborn can also be a challenge. Don’t worry, the article below will guide you on how to bathe a newborn baby with shower gel and the notes moms should know.

Bathing a baby is an experience that is cherished by many parents, bathing a baby with shower gel not only helps to keep the baby’s skin clean but also stimulates blood circulation in the body, which is very beneficial for the respiratory and digestive systems. chemistry… Let’s find out now.

firstTime and place to bathe your baby

You should only bathe your baby 2-3 times a week.

– The best time to bathe a newborn baby should be in the sun, between 10-11am or 3-4pm.

– Mother should only bathe the newborn for at most 4-5 minutes. When the baby is 3 months old, you can increase it to 10 minutes, so that the baby can get used to the water longer.

2Prepare tools before bathing your baby

– Bathrooms need to be airy, discreet and avoid drafts

– Bathtub: 2 pieces (one for bathing, one for rinsing the baby after bathing)

– Prepare warm water for 2 pots about 36-37 degrees (or use your elbows to test the water’s warmth) with the water level in the pots from 10-15cm.

– Large cotton towels: 2 pieces (one used to wrap the baby while bathing, one used to wrap the baby after bathing)

– Towels bucket: 2 pieces

– Shirts, diapers, hats, socks, gloves

– Shower gel, shampoo, powder

– Physiological saline 0.9% sodium chloride

– Oral drugs

– Cotton swabs, gauze and sterile cotton swabs

3Baby bath steps

Step 1: Spread a large towel

Spread a large cotton towel right next to the bath so that after bathing we can warm the baby right away. Gently remove the baby’s clothes, hat, diaper, socks, and gloves and wrap the baby in the remaining towel.

Step 2: Wash your hair

Hold the baby in your arms with one arm supporting the baby’s back, head, and neck. Mom used her hands to dip a sufficient amount of water to wet a towel to wet her head, then use a sufficient amount of shampoo and rub the shampoo in the palm of her hand, then gently massage it on the head.

Use the towel again and wash off the soap on the head, at this time the mother should also pay attention to the area behind the ears and avoid letting the shampoo come into contact with the baby’s eyes and ears. Then use the remaining towel to dry the baby’s head.

Step 3: Wipe your face

Mother used a towel to wash her hair with just enough water and wiped it from her forehead, eyes to her face, then turned the clean towel over and wiped the other side.

Step 4: Clean the body

Now to the child’s body, mothers should pay attention to where to shower, open the towel there, use a bucket towel to absorb a moderate amount of water and wet the body in turn.

Then use a sufficient amount of shower gel in the palm of your hand and rub it evenly on the baby’s body, the baby’s neck folds, armpits and even between the fingers. Use a washcloth dipped in water and clean the soap on the baby’s body.

Use one arm to gently support the lower body and place the baby in the bath tub, wet the lower body with a towel, carry the baby to the second warm water bowl and clean the baby’s lower body again.

Step 5: Pick up the baby and dress the baby

Then take the baby out and immediately put it on a cotton towel that has been spread and warmed, gently pat dry the whole body, especially the genitals, to avoid getting wet and causing diaper rash. Next, gently put on a shirt, hat and gloves for the baby.

Step 6: Take care of your baby’s navel

After wearing the shirt, we wash our hands with soap to clean and take care of the baby’s navel by using small physiological saline to wet the 2 tips of a cotton swab to gently wipe around the umbilical foot, from the inside to the outside while wiping. We have just rotated the cotton swab so that the clean part is in contact with the navel, changed the tip of the stick and wiped from the bottom of the navel to the top. Note that the mother should leave the navel open, not bandage and should wear a diaper below the navel.

Step 7: Use baby powder

When you’re done cleaning, apply scented powder or use diaper rash cream on your baby’s neck, armpits, chest, back, elbows, and elbows, wear diapers, cover your feet, and warm your baby.

Use 2 cotton balls to place on both sides of the child’s eyes and use physiological saline to drop 1 drop on each side, use cotton balls to absorb excess water on the baby’s eyes. Let the baby lie on his side to one side, use a cotton swab to remove the dirt inside the nose, then use sterile gauze to open the baby’s mouth.

In case the baby’s tongue is whitened a lot, the mother should use oral drops, starting from the top, under the tongue, the upper and lower gums around the baby’s mouth.

4Tips for moms to know when bathing your baby

– When bathing the baby, the mother should sit comfortably on a chair about 40 cm high. Hold the baby in your arms, let the baby’s head rest in the palm of the hand, the back rests on the arm and the baby’s bottom rests on the mother’s lap.

– After bathing, the mother should wrap the baby with a dry towel to warm the body, before wearing a diaper.

– The baby’s bathroom needs to be airtight, the room temperature is about 24 degrees Celsius.

Hopefully, the things we have just shared above will make it easier for mothers to bathe their babies. Good luck.

Source HTV Online