Chocolate is a food with many health benefits, but if parents give it to children when they are too young, it can cause many unpredictable consequences. Let’s learn about the appropriate age for children to eat chocolate with Bach Hoa Xanh!

Notes when feeding children chocolate

According to Doctor Nguyen Thuong Hanh – General Internal Medicine, Bac Ninh General Hospital, although chocolate is very good for health, most of the benefits it brings are for us adults. Besides, pure chocolate without sweeteners or mixed with milk is the best. This type is not suitable for children, instead, children usually only like sweet chocolate.

Notes when feeding children chocolate

Chocolate has high in calories and fat but low in protein. The nutritional composition of chocolate is not enough for the baby’s growth, so if eaten before meals, eating a lot and often can make the baby nutritional imbalance.

Chocolate is also the cause of anorexia

Rich in fat and calories, chocolate is also the cause anorexia, full stomach For the baby, since then it is easy to make him anorexic and increasingly nutritional deficiencies.

Eating chocolate incorrectly will easily cause tooth decay
In addition, chocolate is also a food undigested This can lead to poor digestion. Children who eat chocolate before bed are also susceptible to the effects of caffeine in chocolate, cause insomnia. Besides, if you eat a lot of sweet chocolate without properly protecting your teeth, your baby is very easy tooth decay.

At what age can you eat chocolate?

Children over 3 years old can eat chocolate in a small and moderate amount

Children over 3 years old can eat chocolate in small, moderate amounts. Children under 3 years old should not eat chocolate at all.

Although it has a lower caffeine content than coffee, the caffeine in chocolate can also cause Insomnia children and neurological effects. Therefore, children should not eat chocolate too early.

Chocolate has a great influence on the digestive system of children. For children under 3 years old, The digestive system is still immatureEating chocolate will lead to abdominal pain and indigestion.

Besides, it’s easy to let children eat chocolate too early lead to obesityBecause of the high fat and calorie content in chocolate, children’s bodies are not mature enough to metabolize nutrients quickly and easily.

If buying for children, you should choose reputable brands such as M&M chocolate, Hershey chocolate, … to ensure health.

Hopefully with the information we provide, you can carefully consider indulging in the children’s chocolate eating preferences to avoid negative consequences for the health of the children.

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