Cold weather makes it easy for children to catch colds or flu, and worse, bronchitis and pneumonia. So on cold days, you don’t need to bathe as often, avoiding skin damage and making children susceptible to cold.

Why not bathe your baby regularly on a cold day?

On cold days, children’s skin is much more sensitive, not only that Bathing often makes the child’s body cold.

Besides soap, baby shower gel on days that can easily affect the natural lubricant layer protect young skin.

Hence mother Do not bathe your baby often on cold daysit is best to use a warm towel to wipe the stain, and at the same time use a moisturizing milk to protect the baby’s skin.

When it’s cold, a mother bathes her baby twice a week, bathing at around 10am – 10:30am or from 1pm – 4pm.

Do you need to bathe your baby often in winter?

Note when bathing children in cold season

Use warm water When bathing the baby, take a quick shower and dry the baby immediately with a soft towel.

You don’t forget blow dry hairas well as Put on socks, hands and warm clothes for the childavoid the situation of children catching cold.

Do you need to bathe your baby often in winter?

Hygiene principles to help protect children’s bodies

Always Wash your hands with warm water before bathing as well as touching the baby’s body.

Frequent Cleaning home, open the doors It helps to keep the indoor air always airy, and at the same time, the sun enters the house to help disinfect it very well.

Woolen clothes are always absorbent, so Children should not be dressed in woolen clothing.

Use a soft towel when cleaning children, change diapers often Avoid baby diaper rash that causes redness and skin infection.

Do you need to bathe your baby often in winter?

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When the weather turns cold, it’s easy for your children to catch a cold or the flu, but don’t let your child participate in outdoor activities that are good for their health because of keeping warm.