A beer connoisseur, a believer in love of unique beer flavors, don’t miss Corona beer, a product with strong local identity, but easily conquering global beer-loving residents. Let’s learn about Corona beer!

Not new to many people, but Corona beer is quite new to many Vietnamese consumers. If you miss a unique beer product from taste, fermentation recipe to enjoyment like Corona beer, it’s a “sorry” with a beer-loving heart!

firstWhere does Corona beer come from?

Where does Corona beer come from?Where does Corona beer come from?

As an imported beer product, brand from Mexico, born in 1925. Initially, corona beer was produced and served exclusively for the domestic market, but over the years, it gradually spread beyond the borders, and conquered the most demanding markets such as the US, Europe, and many other countries. countries globally.

2Is Corona beer good, how many types, how much alcohol?

When it comes to taste, once enjoying Corona beer, every user will feel very impressed.

Corona beer has the aroma of tequila, an aroma extracted from the Blue Agave tree (a plant similar to the Vietnamese pineapple tree) that is attractive and passionate. Straw yellow beer is packaged in a transparent glass bottle that is pure and eye-catching.

Beer is fermented at a low temperature of 7-15 degrees Celsius, requiring a longer fermentation time, so that it produces a very strong carbonated beer, but the alcohol content is not too high.

The most popular way to enjoy unique Corona beer is to use chilled beer in a bottle, add a slice of fresh lemon at the mouth of the bottle, maybe add a little salt on the mouth of the bottle for those who like a bold taste. Enjoy once, you will surely be conquered.

The best known is Corona Extra beer with a strong bottle shape, 355ml capacity, 4.5% alcohol content.

For those who want to enjoy Corona beer with a cool taste from start to finish, can choose Coronita, the bottle design is softer and more beautiful, the capacity is smaller with only 210ml and the alcohol content is slightly higher with 4.6%.

3How much is Corona beer?

Corona Extra and Coronita beers are packaged in 24 bottles, with 6 bottles for 1 paper box which is very convenient, easy to use for meetings, travel…

  • Corona Extra beer with reference price of 850,000 VND/box of 24 bottles.
  • Coronita beer reference price 580,000 VND/box of 24 bottles.

Try once to enjoy Corona beer, maybe you will also fall in love with its pure, natural, unique and attractive taste.