Orange is a fruit that contains a lot of healthy vitamin C. However, for infants, the digestive tract is still poor, so mothers need to pay attention to the issue of what age they should give their children orange juice and the notes when giving orange juice to children.

Oranges have many healthy nutritional values. In addition to providing a rich source of vitamin C, this fruit is also proven to help strengthen the immune system, prevent cancer, and have a very effective antioxidant.

Usually, when children are sick, mothers often squeeze orange juice for children to drink to strengthen the immune system. However, mothers still do not know the knowledge about what age they should give their children orange juice and the notes when giving orange juice to children.

firstNutritional value of oranges

Oranges contain many different compounds that can help the body prevent oxidation, an average 100g orange contains 87.6g of water, 1,104 micrograms of Carotene – a vitamin with antioxidant effects, 30mg of vitamin C, 10.9g starch, 93mg potassium, 26mg calcium, 9mg magnesium, 0.3g fiber, 4.5g sodium, 7mg chronium, 20mg phosphorus, 0.32g iron…

Oranges have many nutritional values, so we should use this fruit regularly, especially for children who are in the developmental stage to provide the necessary nutrients. However, in order to absorb all the nutrients in oranges, mothers should pay attention to their babies to use them properly at the right time.

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2How many months old babies can drink orange juice

When the baby is in the period of exclusive breastfeeding (under 6 months of age), the baby has not been able to eat solids, so the baby will not need other nutrients than breast milk. So, Children should only drink orange juice when they have reached the weaning stage (over 6 months old).

However, mothers should take note Do not give your baby orange juice directly because oranges contain a lot of acidic acids. This can make your baby uncomfortable in the intestinal tract and moreover can cause diarrhea because his digestive system is not yet fully developed.

3Note when giving children orange juice

Not for children under 6 months old drink orange juice.

For children 6 months to 1 year old, only Give children diluted orange juice in the ratio of 1 orange juice: 10 filtered water.

Recommended for children drink warm orange juice to avoid sore throat. Do not give your child cold orange juice.

Recommended for children drink with a spoonavoid using bottles because children will be prone to tooth decay.

When the child reaches 2 years old, you can give him orange juice Squeeze directly with a dosage of 150ml/day. However, parents should still get other essential vitamins from many different fruits.

Select fresh oranges, quality, clear origin.

Tools to squeeze oranges, cups, spoons must be rinsed with boiling water for sterilization.

The article has provided parents with necessary information about how many months old children can drink orange juice? Hopefully, through this article, mothers have had more useful information in taking care of their children.

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