Special delicious taste, greasy and sweet are the words that describe the characteristics of flan. Surely you already know how to make an extremely simple cake, but do you know the shelf life of the cake and how to preserve it? Find out in the article below.

Flan is considered a snack imported from abroad but has become a famous dessert and snack among young people. Because the cake has a rather short shelf life, see how to best preserve it below.

firstHow long does flan keep?

How long does flan keep?How long does flan keep?

For every type of food, they must have an expiration date, even flan. In high temperature conditions, bacteria can multiply and cause the cake to spoil quickly, if not properly preserved, the cake will have a sour taste, when eaten, it can cause poisoning, which is extremely dangerous to the health of the user.

Depending on how to store the cake, we will use it for 5-7 days, or sometimes it is only 1-2 days before the cake is spoiled.

After being steamed, the flan cake is cooled down and stored in a refrigerator with a temperature of 2-6 degrees Celsius. This is also an important factor to keep the cake from being spoiled, but also for food safety and hygiene. product again.

2How to store flan

Have good storage conditions and always maintain an appropriate temperature and Properly stored in the refrigerator, the cake will be used for 7-10 days. And some notes below:

Do not store near raw, fishy-smelling foods Like meat and fish, flan will easily smell and spoil quickly.

– Should Put the cake in a box with a tight lid and keep it in the refrigerator Avoid too low heat, it will easily make the cake dry and disjointed.

If making cakes in the summer, you should keep the cake at a temperature of 2-6 degrees Celsius is reasonable longer on In winter, it is about 5-8 degrees Cmake sure the cake will be soft and delicious.

Flan cake is a cake that is loved by many people, from children to adults. You can refer to more ways to make smooth, non-fishy flan at home from fresh milk or condensed milk to change the taste for the whole family.

Flan cake is a very popular cake that many people love and make at home for their family. But flan is a very perishable cake, it only needs to be left at room temperature for 2 to 3 days. So, after making the cake, you should immediately put it in the refrigerator and follow the above preservation principles.

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