If you still don’t know what to prepare for the weekend, please refer to this article right away.

The weekend is an occasion for friends and relatives to gather together to eat a magnificent meal, while eating and telling each other sad and happy stories. It’s fun, but you have a headache because you don’t know what to prepare. Please refer to the drinks with beer that I suggest below.

firstRoasted salted peanuts

Roasted salted peanutsRoasted salted peanuts

Roasted salted peanuts is an extremely simple drink and does not take much effort to make. Bui Bui peanuts mixed with salty salt then ensure that no one can not fall in love.

2Dried squid ink

Dried squid inkDried squid ink

Dried squid with chili sauce is a very familiar dish on the drinking table. With a super simple method, many people choose to be bait when they reunite with their comrades.

3Steamed clams with lemongrass

Steamed clams with lemongrassSteamed clams with lemongrass

Steamed clams with hot lemongrass with The sweetness of clam meat blends with the aromatic and spicy taste of lemongrass Very warm to eat. This dish is perfect for cold days.

4Grilled squid with salt and pepper

Grilled squid with salt and pepperGrilled squid with salt and pepper

Piece by piece Fresh squid is seasoned with spicy salty chili salt and then grilled on a charcoal stove Surely no one can resist this fragrant chili salt grilled squid.

5Grilled shrimp satay

Grilled shrimp satayGrilled shrimp satay

Similar to squid, grilled shrimp satay has a beautiful color and delicious taste thanks to The sweetness of shrimp combined with spicy satay then make sure to eat as many shrimp as you can feel.

6Grilled beef with tile

Grilled beef with tileGrilled beef with tile

Each slice of beef grilled on a charcoal stove is such an intimate and cozy scene, isn’t it? This dish is very suitable for sipping with beer in gatherings with family or friends.

7 Dried fish with only yellow and spicy rim

Dried fish with only yellow and spicy rimDried fish with only yellow and spicy rim

Dried fish with yellow thread has The crunchiness is almost like dried squid, added to the spicy seasoning that is richly rimmed. This is a very suitable dish to sip with beer on rainy days.

The above are extremely delicious drinks with beer that are also processed very quickly. Hope you will choose the dish for your party!

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