Halloween will certainly not be complete without horror movies, movies that give you the feeling of trembling, suspense, startling,… Let’s find out the movies that are quite worth watching on Halloween in the article. below.

Halloween is often remembered as the festival of the devil, on this day it would be incomplete if you did not have a small experience of fear. However, mixing elements of darkness, horror and humor is a good idea for Halloween, which is both festive and brings laughter to help everyone have a comfortable relaxation. best roof.

Here are some good horror movies that are worth watching this Halloween:

firstBac Kim Thang

Bac Kim Thang is a Vietnamese horror film directed by Tran Huu Tan. Works of the genre dramatic psychologybuilt to reflects the Vietnamese concept of respecting men and woment, especially in the old days. With the exploitation of child images “scarecrow” is quite newBac Kim Thang is expected to build up a unique symbol for Vietnamese horror movies.

After the first teaser revealed only a single image of the creepy scarecrow with the familiar Bac Kim Thang melody, recently, the film crew continued to release character posters with the caption: “When home is the scariest place”.

Bac Kim ThangBac Kim Thang

2That Son Spirit

That Son Tam Linh (former name Thien Linh Cai) is set in a poor rural area in the Southwest region in the 1990s. The film tells a true story, the central character is the a magician with a cruel, brutal ambition. Determined to gain his mysterious power, he did not hesitate to take action murdered 4 young girls.

Set in the context of a barbaric murder story, associated with the legend of Kumanthong and especially following the main character, a talisman, makes That Son spiritual become the first Vietnamese horror work to approach the problem of charms in the most profound and direct way.


During a vacation to the beach, the family encounters a terrifying group of people known as “The Tethered” – Horror version of myself. With substance Horror mixed with elements of humor, unpredictablethe film covered a layer of fog from the beginning to the end of the film, making the audience fall into a state of bewilderment even when the screen was dark.


The film tells the story of the tragedy of the Graham family, starting with the death of her grandmother Ellen. This sadness did not last long when the youngest daughter, Charlie, once went to a party with her brother, Peter, ate peanut cake and had an allergic reaction. Peter rushed Charlie to the hospital but a terrible accident happened and Charlie died on the spot.

Too distressed with this death and the pressure of work, the mother Annie had to use the method evocation to talk to her daughter. However, this work invisibly causes her, her husband, Steve and Peter to face a dark forces through the puzzling phenomena that kept happening to them.

5IT (2017)

The movie brings the feeling of fear, horror for viewers but besides these are the funny dialogue situations between boys and girls in the Losers group. With what has been shown, IT deserves to be a strong candidate for the audience to watch this Halloween season.

The film rocked cinemas during its release, breaking countless records and officially becoming an R-rated horror film. All-time highest grossing in North America region.

6The Conjuring (2013)

Based on real events that happened in the US in 1970sThe Conjuring revolves around a pair of psychics who specialize in ghost hunting – Ed and Lorraine Warren. In their careers, they have investigated more than 10,000 casesbut the story they never forget is the Perron family case in Harrisville in 1971.

When the couple Roger and Carolyn and their five daughters move to a new farm, many strange things happen. Premiered in 2013, The Conjuring made a strong impression and is considered one of the The scariest horror movie ever shown in cinemas in Vietnam.

Above are some horror movies worth watching on Halloween, if you have no plans to go anywhere, just stay at home and watch these horror movies to have the atmosphere of Halloween.