In order for your baby to stay healthy, minimize illness and disease in the rainy season, you should pay attention to using fresh food, drinking water, dressing and cleaning the house.

firstEat fresh, clean food

– Choose fresh and clean food to prepare food for children. Pay special attention in the selection of ingredients in the rainy and stormy season, because food, especially seafood and fish, is often contaminated in this season.

– So when choosing need Choose a reputable source with clear origineach processing should Cook the right amountenough to eat for the day, not to excess.

– If you eat raw foods such as vegetables and fruits, you should Rinse under strong running waterPeel.

– Food should be carefully cover upbecause flies and mosquitoes often multiply and develop a lot in this season.

In the rainy season prepare fresh and clean food for your baby, choose to buy reputable sources, have clear origins, cook in moderate amounts.

2Give your baby clean water to drink

– Water for babies to drink can be boiled and cooled water or purified water, clean mineral water, of clear origin, trusted brand.

– Baby drinks water in the bottle, after the day is over, you should Pour out the excess waterwash the jar, dry.

– Do not let children drink excess water in the bottle overnight, so cover the bottle after each use to prevent flies and mosquitoes from approaching, making the water and the bottle contaminated.

In the rainy season, pay attention to the baby to drink clean water, if the baby drinks the water in the bottle, wash the bottle, empty the water at the end of the day, do not let the next day drink.

3Wear suitable clothes

– When it rains, the temperature usually drops, giving you a cool and cold feeling, but when the sun comes up, the weather is often humid and hot.

– In order to take good care of children, you should also pay attention to dressing your baby in appropriate clothes for each time in the rainy season, when staying indoors, when going out on the street, also choose appropriate accessories.

– Do not only wear thick, warm clothes or thin, little clothes, so change clothes flexibly so that children feel comfortable and limit illness.

In the rainy season, the weather is wet and cold, when it is hot and humid, you need to choose the right clothes for your baby

4Regular house cleaning

– The rainy and stormy season easily creates an environment for many kinds of insects and bacteria to multiply and develop. To reduce the amount of bacteria, flies, and mosquitoes in your home, you should clean your house regularly.

Place a doormat near the exit in to limit dirt, water, mud from outside into the house when people move.

– Floors should be cleaned regularly. Clean and disinfect with water to clean the house. Wash children’s clothes and toys several times a weekdo not accumulate for too long to avoid mold.

– Washing and Change bed sheets once a week, towels twice a weekafter using the towel should dry the towel, more clean.

House cleaning such as cleaning the floor, washing clothes regularly in the rainy season

Use these tips to take better care of your children in the rainy season. Send us a comment if you want to share other childcare tips.

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