Usually there is a hole on the scissors, do you wonder what this hole on the scissors is for? That is to open beer when there is no opener.

Recently on the weekend, my family had a meeting to organize a meal, and I ordered bottled beer but the beer delivery person didn’t give me the opener, I don’t know how to open beer like using chopsticks, spoon or 2 bottles of beer. ….

My brother saw in the kitchen that there was a pair of scissors with a hole and used this to open, then I knew that the hole in the scissors was used to open beer.

How to open beer with scissors

firstHow to open beer with scissors

Just Put the hole next to this hole in the beer bottle cap and turn it on Done, see the picture below for more clarity.

How to open beer with scissors

Now you know what the hole in the scissors is for, right, if you are in the same situation as me, you can use the scissors to cut the beer.

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