The habits that make the toilet quickly peel off the smell and how to handle it help to get rid of the bad smell in the toilet. Please refer to this article.

The bad smell in the toilet is one of the bad things that causes headaches and extreme discomfort, and the smelly toilet also has the risk of spreading to other rooms for a long time, which will cause health problems. , directly affects the daily life of family members. Sometimes just because an extremely simple daily habit makes the toilet smell, here are some common habits:

firstGo to the toilet directly to the floor

This may be a habit that we adults rarely think about, but if you have young children at home, this is very difficult to avoid, for some reason. kids usually don’t pee in the toilet but pee on the toilet floor. The urine will soak into the toilet floor, causing a very unpleasant smell.

To avoid this, you need to train your child to have the habit of letting them go to the toilet to go to the toilet, and if the child has urinated on the floor, you need to use clean water to flush it, then pour the toilet cleaner again. Newly removed the pungent smell.

2Toilets are not cleaned regularly

Habit causing toilet smell

The toilet is a humid place with little sunlight if If not cleaned regularly will cause unpleasant odors.

So just like other places in the family, toilets also need to be cleaned regularly to limit the growth of mold and disease-causing bacteria. At the same time, toilet cleaner will somewhat limit odor molecules.

3Do not use toilet cleaner

Worried that toilet cleaners contain chemicals that affect users, even some information that if using toilet cleaner water will lose the protective enamel layer, this enamel layer will be lost. makes toilet bowls and sinks yellow faster, reducing their lifespan a lot Many families give up the habit of using detergent but only scrub with water, so they can’t clean it allmaking the toilet still smell.

Habit causing toilet smell

However, that thought is not necessarily true if you choose the right specialized cleaning product, the product has a clear origin plus using the product properly will not affect the user as well as the user. interior in the toilet and more importantly, help you eliminate bacteria, deodorize extremely effectively and your toilet no longer stinks.

4Leave the trash can in the toilet

Habit causing toilet smell

To facilitate cleaning or for some reason many families often have a habit put the trash can in the toilet but they don’t know that the trash can is the cause of the bad smell if it is not poured and cleaned every day. So if you choose to keep the trash can in the toilet, don’t forget to add a plastic bag for the trash can and the trash can must have a lid to help solve the problem of odors and remember to empty it regularly!

5Habit of leaving personal care products on the toilet floor

Some families design a toilet combined with a bathroom for convenience. So they often leave some items such as shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser … on the toilet floor. However, this is an obstacle obstructs the circulation of water, is also a place to accumulate dirt and garbage… for a long time, these dirt accumulate, creating conditions for odor-causing bacteria to grow, creating bad odors for the toilet.

To overcome this situation, you can still choose to keep the above items in the toilet, but instead of placing them on the ground, you will buy a shelf to put it on, so that you can wash the toilet every day. without worrying.

Habit causing toilet smell

Just now are a few habits that seem to be very normal but cause odors in the toilet. If you are suffering from one of those habits, change it today, find a way to fix it so that your toilet is always clean and fresh.