Broccoli soup cooked with ginger is spicy, warm, simple but very good for health. Moreover, if this dish is eaten on cold days, there is nothing better. If you have never tasted it before, let’s go to the kitchen to make it right away.

This is not only a delicious soup but also considered as a remedy to help prevent and cure many diseases. You probably also know that ginger is spicy, warm, has the effect of reducing cough, curing colds, … And mustard greens are rich in nutrients, good for gout patients, lower blood pressure, .. so When combined together, this soup is used by many people to relieve colds and cure coughs and colds caused by colds. With the recipe below, you can use anything vegetarian, especially when the full moon day has come. So what are you waiting for without making this delicious, nutritious and cheap soup right away.


How to make green cabbage soup with ginger

Step 1: Prepare ingredients

Process materials

Pickled green cabbage leaves, washed and soaked in dilute salt water for about 10 minutes. Then, cut into short pieces to eat, drain.

Ginger is peeled and cut into fine fibers.

Step 2: Cook soup

Put in a pot about 1 liter of water with sliced ​​ginger, cook until boiling, then add the mustard greens. Then, season with salt and prepared vegetarian seasoning. If you don’t like it, you can adjust it to taste. Cook with high heat until the soup boils again, then turn off the heat. Finally, scoop the soup into a bowl and enjoy.

Finished product

The soup is just cooked to hot, with the bitter, fresh taste of mustard greens mixed with the hot, spicy aroma of ginger. All have created a delicious and nutritious dish, and at the same time a “precious remedy”, especially good in treating colds, bloating, indigestion, …

This soup is very simple but is loved by many people because of its great uses. You will not have to spend a lot of time to prepare but still bring the whole family a nutritious and very delicious dish.