Do you already know all the uses of kitchen utensils? If not, then follow this article to know some more useful uses.

Have you ever wondered if the small holes in the scissors work or not or on the cutting boards that usually have a hole. So do these features have any other use? Let’s find out in this article.

firstOpen beer with scissors

Your scissors have a flaw but you don’t know what its use is. In fact, this defect is made by the manufacturer to beer opener there.

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Open beer with scissorsOpen beer with scissors

2Clamp crab claws with scissors

Another part of the scissors has an unusual construction, this part is used to Clamp Clamp there you guys. When the family eats crabs, remember to use scissors to make them even more fragile.

Great uses from kitchen utensils

3Not afraid of vegetables falling out through the hole in the cutting board

On a regular cutting board there will be a space at the top of the cutting boardpeople often use this place as a place hang the cutting board.

In addition to the task of hanging, this place can also be used for Put the vegetables in a bowl or bowl without fear of falling out.

Great uses from kitchen utensils

4Take egg yolks with a sieve

To separate egg yolks, usually we will need to be skillful back and forth yolk to remove the whites but what if you are not a handy person? You can use an item that is always in the kitchen of every home, which will help you separate egg yolks easily, which is a sieve.

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Great uses from kitchen items

The above methods are quite useful, right? Hopefully, through this article, you will be able to know more about the uses of everyday items in the kitchen.

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