Smooth hair always attracts all eyes but you are wondering which conditioner to choose for your hair. Don’t miss these 8 good hair conditioners below!

Smoke, dyes, UV rays, .. are the causes of your hair fiber, dry, no longer smooth. Then conditioner is used to help “save” damaged hair, adding nutrients to help hair recover stronger. Choosing the right oil for oily skin is very important. Here are 8 good care conditioners that you should try:

firstTRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner

With ingredients rich in protein and vitamins, it has a mild, pleasant fragrance. Besides, thanks to the main ingredient is keratin protein that helps to protect from damage as well as vitamins to help nourish hair smoothly. The product will help your hair regain health and restore soft, smooth hair. This TRESemm√© conditioner comes with this brand’s eponymous shampoo that is trusted not only by domestic salons but also by hair stylists around the world.

This product is for dry, unruly hair and especially suitable for dyed hair

2Dove Hair Conditioner

With unique Oxyfusion technology, revitalize dry, flat hair. Dove Conditioner includes oxygen-rich hair conditioners that help restore hair’s softness without stickiness. Hair will be up to 95% more bouncy with a cool scent like being cared for at a spa. With ingredients containing Keratin to help restore damaged hair from deep inside for really strong hair from root to tip, moisturizing nutrients will help keep it smooth and shiny.

This product is for dry and damaged hair.

3L’oreal Elseve Color Protect Conditioner

With nourishing ingredients to help maintain hair color and strength from corner to tip for women’s hair. L’oreal conditioner helps protect hair from harmful rays from the sun, more specifically, helps to increase shine for hair.

L’oreal Elseve Color Protect Conditioner is a product for colored hair.

4Sunsilk Smooth Conditioner

If talking about smooth conditioner for hair without mentioning Sunsilk conditioner. Produced by the world’s top renowned care professionals, Sunsilk cannot let you down. With a formula containing a complex of nutrients Macadamia combined with 5 natural essential oils: palm oil, camellia oil, coconut oil, almond and argan will bring all female users to have beautiful hair. The most beautiful and shiny hair.

This product is suitable for all hair types.

5Herbal Essences Conditioner Grapefruit and Mint

The hair conditioner has 2 mild fragrances that are suitable for those who like to rinse to get a lingering scent. This American shampoo brand is manufactured and imported from Thailand. Within only 21 days of use, you can completely feel its effectiveness in the process. Applying Bio Renew ingredient helps to improve damaged and anti-aging high hair.

This product is safe for dyed hair.

6Head & Shoulders Conditioner

In addition to the shampoo product line, Head & Shoulders conditioner helps you completely clean dandruff and gives you beautiful healthy hair that many beauty believers love.

With cool menthol, it feels comfortable on the scalp and effectively fights dandruff. The nutrients help moisturize the scalp, making the hair stronger after a few uses.

This product is for dandruff-prone hair, helping you to get rid of dandruff while nourishing your hair.

7Pantene Pro V 2in1 shampoo & conditioner classic clean

Patene has been a brand that is too familiar to women because shampoos are too good, hair conditioners also bring great success. With a new formula that enhances clean and beautiful shine, along with gentle hair care effects with just one step of rinsing. Highly appreciated in the market because many women have naturally smooth hair as well as a long and gentle fragrance.

With the above hair conditioner suggestions, hope you have chosen the right hair care product for yourself. To be more effective, about 2-3 months, you should change another type of conditioner so that your hair does not “get over” the conditioner.

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