Mothers always want to give their baby the best, especially when the baby starts to enter the weaning stage. Let’s refer to the good baby powder brands in the article below.

Weaning is an extremely important stage for a child’s development, parents need to find a baby powder that helps them provide adequate nutrients, suitable for the age and taste of the child. Children absorb nutrients best. Therefore, choosing a good brand of baby powder for children is something that parents should do.

firstHipp weaning powder

Baby food powderHiPP weaning powder

HiPP is a famous brand from Germany with nutrition and care products for children such as: powdered food, pure fruit juice, meat, shower gel, lotion…

The outstanding advantages of Hipp weaning powder are: Has a delicious and varied taste so that the mother can change the baby’s menu; In addition, the product contains all nutrients to help the baby grow healthy.

HiPP weaning powder is divided into 2 groups including: Group of MSG and Group of Salty Flour With different flavors, mothers can freely change the meals for their babies so that they can eat them all the time without getting bored.

2Heinz weaning powder

Baby food powderHeinz weaning powder

A famous brand of baby powder from the UK That’s Heinz baby powder. This brand of baby powder is not only popular with Vietnamese mothers but also famous all over the world.

The advantages of Heinz baby powder are: easy to eat, easy to digest, eat all the time without getting boredhas a delicious taste, very attractive, diverse flavors.

Heinz weaning powder is divided into sweet and salty powder, so mothers can freely choose for their babies.

3Fleur Alpine meal powder

Baby food powderFleur Alpine meal powder

Fleur Alpine is a safe, premium baby food powder for babies. Fleur Alpine brand of baby powder is distributed in many different markets such as: European Union, Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Fleur Alpine brand of baby powder has a wide range of products with different flavors Give moms more choices.

4Nestle Cerelac baby food powder

Baby food powderNestle Cerelac baby food powder

Nestle is a famous brand from Russia, especially now Nestle has a factory in Vietnam. Brand of powder weaning Nestle Cerelac is a brand of solid food that is trusted by many Vietnamese mothers.

The outstanding advantages of the Nestle Cerelac brand of solid food are: has a variety of flavors such as: brown rice mixed with milk, fish and green vegetables or pumpkin green vegetables … the ingredients for making Nestle Cerelac weaning powder are prepared from fresh ingredients, ensuring adequate supply of nutrients for babies.

Especially this brand of weaning powder rated by nutritionists as safe for babies because it contains no preservatives, no chemicals.

5Pigeon weaning powder

Baby food powderPigeon weaning powder

Pigeon weaning powder is Famous Japanese brand of powdered powder.

The outstanding advantage of this brand of weaning powder is that it has sweet taste and mild fragrance. The complete nutritional composition includes: vitamins, protein and soluble fiber … to help the baby develop comprehensively, especially the development of healthy bones and teeth.

In addition, the brand of Pigeon weaning powder is also very attractive to babies thanks to its variety of flavors such as: fragrant corn, cheese chicken, mixed vegetables, and seaweed.

6Wakodo snack powder

Baby food powderWakodo snack powder

Wakodo is a world-famous brand of powder from Japan and is also one of the most popular brands of powdered food in Vietnam.

The outstanding advantage of the Wakodo powder brand is: the ingredients to make this powder Made from Japanese rice KoshihikariThis rice flour, when cooked, is very soft, smooth and pure, easily soluble in water, easy to swallow and digest, and also contains many beneficial nutrients for the baby.

Wakodo weaning powder is packaged in small bags, just enough for the baby to eat, very convenient for mothers to buy for their baby to eat every day.

7Nutifood Nuti IQ

Baby food powderNutifood IQ weaning powder

Nutifood Nuti IQ weaning powder brand is also a domestic powder brand that is widely used and trusted by Vietnamese mothers today, this brand is not only cheap but also possesses many advantages such as: full ingredients. nutrition, There are many Prebiotics in the powder to support the healthy development of the baby’s digestive system.

In addition, the taste of Nutifood Nuti IQ weaning powder is also extremely diverse such as: milk chicken, pumpkin sweet potato or cow potato, peas… Mom will be spoiled for choice of suitable products to change the menu. for baby.

8Meiji meal powder

Baby food powderMeiji meal powder

Referring to the brand of snack powder from Japan, it is indispensable to mention the name Meiji Japanese snack powder. The outstanding advantage of this brand is the rich flavor with all kinds from sweet powder to salty powder.

Meiji baby food powder has full nutritional ingredients, delicious powder, easy to eat, easy to digest for a healthy digestive system.

Meiji weaning powder currently has 2 types:

  • Meiji baby food powder for babies from 5 months There are many flavors: chicken, seaweed, pumpkin, cheese, vegetables, corn, fish, corn, spinach and peas, fish porridge and seaweed,..

  • Meiji baby food powder for babies from 7 months has less flavor. Currently only flavors are: chicken and vegetables, peas, tuna.

As a mother, everyone wants their child to be healthy and develop comprehensively, hopefully with the information shared just now, it will help mothers choose for their baby a safe, age-appropriate brand of weaning powder. of children.