Shoes you only need to wear for a few days will have an unpleasant odor and you do not dare to wear them to go out or work. Don’t worry, just with the scented bag you can deodorize your shoes overnight.

You like to wear beautiful shoes to go out with friends but you are afraid because your shoes smell bad. Nothing separates friendships like armpit and shoe odor. So don’t ignore a very easy trick to quickly deodorize shoes in a short time, which is the scented bag.

Scented bags are products Contains ingredients such as hay, dried flowers to help spread a mild fragrance go everywhere.

Usually scented bags are used to scent bedrooms, living rooms, cars. In addition to the ability to create scents, fragrant bags It also has the ability to deodorize very effectively thanks to the hygroscopic and odor-absorbing properties of the dried grass flowers inside the fragrant bag. So scented bags are an effective product to deodorize your shoes.

How to deodorize shoes with scented bags

Deodorizing shoes with scented bags is very simple. You just Put the scented sachet inside the shoe And leave it for a few hours and immediately the shoe smell is gone.

Besides putting it inside the shoe, you can put inside shoe box, shoe cabinet It is still good to eliminate the odor of many shoes at the same time.

Above is a pretty good tip for you to effectively eliminate shoe odor. Hopefully with the above method, the odors that separate friendship, brotherhood, and comradeship will no longer exist.