Toothache causes the mother’s body to automatically secrete antibacterial substances, causing uterine contractions leading to premature birth, which is a wake-up call for mothers. Do not use drugs, so how do you use food to prevent this situation?


Hormonal changes: It is the leading cause of dental problems in pregnant women. The erratic rise and fall of the hormones estrogen and progesterone make the gums vulnerable to swelling, creating conditions for bacteria to attack.

Diet changes: To provide nutrients to the fetus, the pregnant mother must drink more milk and consume more sugar-containing foods than usual. So if not taken care of carefully, the mother is very susceptible to tooth decay.

Calcium deficiency: During pregnancy, the demand for calcium is very high, the fetus with calcium deficiency will take calcium from the mother. So when the mother is deficient in calcium, the enamel of the teeth is affected, which can lead to tooth decay.

Morning sickness: When vomiting, acid from the stomach of pregnant women can be brought to the oral cavity, adversely affecting teeth, causing tooth decay, toothache.

Dental hygiene: During pregnancy, some women become more sensitive to the smell and taste of toothpaste. Therefore, if pregnant women brush less, it will increase the risk of gum and tooth problems.

Hormonal changes are the leading cause of dental problems during pregnancy.

Food to prevent and treat toothache

Clove essential oil: Has antiseptic, antiseptic and pain-relieving effect. So when you have a toothache, just chew a little clove or use a cotton swab soaked in clove essential oil and then bring it directly to the aching tooth or adjacent gum area.

Garlic: Not only is a popular spice, but it also has many medicinal uses, especially for treating toothache very effectively. Garlic contains Allicin, which has antibiotic properties that help attack bacteria that cause tooth infections and soothe pain. Pregnant women can chew or crush a garlic clove and put it in the position of the tooth decay.

Onion: Has the same effect as garlic, just slice thinly or squeeze the juice, then use cotton to absorb and put on the painful area for 1-2 minutes.

Young guava leaves: Chew directly, or boil young guava leaves with water and a little salt, then use as a daily mouthwash.

Spinach (spinach): Very good for pregnant women, because spinach is rich in Calcium and Folic Acid, in addition to having fast pain-relieving properties. Just rinse and chew at the position of the decayed teeth.

Mint: Has the ability to kill bacteria and antiseptic. In addition, mint has the main ingredient of Methol, which helps to create a cool feeling, relieves pain very effectively. You can chew mint leaves directly or boil to drink or use as a mouthwash.

Garlic, mint, cloves, onions, spinach have antiseptic, antiseptic and pain-relieving effects.

Preventing toothache during pregnancy

The most important thing is to regularly take care of your teeth, Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day.

You should visit your dentist regularly or as soon as you have problems with your teeth.

Limit your intake of foods with many roadsAfter eating sweets, you need to brush your teeth thoroughly to remove plaque.

In addition, more needs to be added Calcium and Vitamins C, B12 to promote oral health.

You should have regular dental check-ups and oral hygiene at least twice a day

During pregnancy, not only nutrition, but also abnormal manifestations of the body can also affect the fetus. Therefore, if you feel a toothache lasting 3-4 days, you should see a doctor to avoid self-medication causing unwanted side effects.

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