Eating and nutrition are issues that parents worry about and are concerned about first in their child’s development. There are some foods that mothers should avoid or limit for children to use. Together GREEN Department Store mark it!

firstFoods that are not good for children

Types of carbonated water

Soft drinks or carbonated drinks are one of the main causes causes obesity, type 2 diabetes and aggressive behavior in children. One can of soft drink can contain 60g of sugar, four times the daily sugar requirement of a child. Chemical sweeteners can be even more. Children who drink soft drinks get no nutrients, only empty calories.

Types of carbonated water

In addition, most soft drinks contain high concentrations of carbohydrates, glucose, fructose and sucrose. When oral bacteria combine with this substance, it will ferment and turn into acid. These acids will soften tooth enamel cause tooth wear.

Therefore, the consumption of these drinks puts children at a very high risk of tooth decay. On the other hand, these foods will stimulate the nervous system, causing the baby’s heart rate to beat faster, sleep problems, and anxiety.


Whole grains such as peanuts can cause asphyxiation for children, mothers should avoid giving them to children if they are only under 1 year old. Peanut butter can be used for babies after 10 months of age.

Another type of nut that you should not give your baby is almonds. Even chopped almonds can cause choking in children’s airways. This is also a food that can cause allergies. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid giving almonds to children until at least 2 years of age, when children can chew and swallow food properly.

Canned food

Canned food

Canned meat has very limited nutrients, the metal of the canned shell can also leach into the food, causing harm to health. In addition, these foods contain a lot of salt and additives that cannot be used by young children.

Fish is a good source of protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. But canned tuna can contain a lot of mercury. Mercury can affect the nervous system of young children.

Packaged confectionery

Fruit-flavored candies, fruit-flavored cakes, marshmallows, etc. contain only sugar and flavorings. You should not use them in place of real fruit or as a regular snack or snack for children. Although advertised as made from fresh fruit, these candies still contain a lot of sugar. Instead of using them, you should buy dried fruit.

2Good foods that mothers should give their babies

Vegetables and fruits

Some vegetables are very good for your baby’s health such as pumpkin, broccoli or peas …

Pumpkin (pumpkin) has a sweet taste, smooth texture, rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, which is the outstanding advantage of pumpkin. Steamed pumpkin mixed with milk into a fine powder is very suitable for babies who are just starting to eat weaning.


Broccoli (broccoli): Broccoli is rich in folic acid, fiber and calcium, which can enrich your baby’s appetite. The preparation is also simple: steam broccoli with water, until the broccoli is completely softened, then cut into small pieces, let it cool for the baby to eat.

Peas are rich in protein and fiber. You can mix lentils cooked with rice porridge, very delicious and nutritious.

Fresh fish meat

Fish is a rich source of protein and omega 3. Omega 3 found in fish is an essential nutrient in the development of the brain, nerves and vision. The most nutritious and suitable fish for children are salmon and mackerel. Mothers can introduce babies to fish meat from the 7th month.

Meat: Meat is a great source of protein and iron. From more than 6 months, babies can get used to foods from meat: pork, beef, chicken.



6 months old baby, mother can give him yogurt. Yogurt helps boost immune system function and promotes healthy development of the brain and heart.

Iron-fortified cereals

Iron is a very important nutrient for babies learning to eat solids after 6 months of breastfeeding. Iron helps to regenerate new blood cells and maintain a healthy immune system. The cereals that provide the most iron for children are rice cereals and barley products, including porridge, oatmeal, and wheat.

There are many good foods that mothers can choose for their babies to use. Besides choosing food, mothers also need to pay attention to how to properly prepare meals for their children and their nutrition so that they can develop healthily and comprehensively.

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